Bio-Strath Whole Food Supplement 100 Tablets

Bio-Strath Whole Food Supplement 100 Tablets


Clinically trialled formula to help with tiredness, immune system and recovery from illness. As well as much, much more.....

Bio-Strath Tablets are made to a special herbal yeast formula. Bio-Strath® is a balanced formula derived from the active principles of live herbal yeast which has been treated by a unique biological process producing a herbal yeast complex rich in vital nutrients.

For many days, live active Saccharomyces Cerevisiae yeast is cultivated on the following wild herbs: angelica, balm, basil, caraway, chamomile, cinnamon, elder, fennel, horseradish, hyssop, lavender, liquorice, parsley, peppermint, sage and thyme.

By the special process of plasmolysis by fermentation, without the use of heat or chemicals, the herbal yeast cells are burst open releasing their valuable nutritionally vital substances.

Fatigue and tiredness can affect our daily lives and symptoms may include poor concentration, lack of physical or mental performance and feeling weary.

Bio-Strath specifically strengthens resistance, accelerates health, speeding up the recovery time from colds, flu and other similar illnesses and strengthening your immune system.

Bio-strath is not made from a real 'live' yeast and so Candida Albicans has been shown to be unable to survive in the presence of Bio-Strath.


Sacchoromyces cerevisae herbal yeast, cellulose plant fibre, corn starch, apple pectin, silicic acid.


Take 2 tablets 2 -3 times a day before meals.


Dairy free, Lactose free, Wheat free and Gluten free.

Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.

Suitable for Children 3 years upwards.

Suitable for Diabetics and anybody on a sugar-free diet.

Suitable during pregnancy and whilst breastfeeding.

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