Cafe Direct Fairtrade Africa Tea 80bags

Cafe Direct Fairtrade Africa Tea 80bags


A bright refreshing brew. CafeDirect® bringing quality to life.


Guarantees a better deal for Third World Producers. Teadirect is brought to you by Cafedirect. 100% of our range of coffees, teas and drinking chocolate is Fairtrade.

Through our unique relationship with the growers, they have become experts in their trade. They give us the pick of the crop, so all our products are of the highest quality. You can enjoy this bright refreshing brew in the knowledge that it’s improving the quality of life for everyone.

Small Philosophy...

At Cafédirect we do things differently. For over 20 years we've built real relationships with smallholder growers, because the big thing smallholders have is pride and passion... and that's what makes our award-winning tea taste so good.

Big difference...

In return we pay growers what they deserve, instead of paying middle men. And by working together in true partnership we do more, investing over 50% of our profits in growers to create a more sustainable future.

Cafédirect. Made the small way.

The bees and the teas!

Cafédirect funding helps train smallholder growers in Kenya in the art of beekeeping. Honey provides a vital source of extra income, which reduces the farmer's dependence on their tea harvest. Bees are good for the biodiversity of the tea gardens... and honey is delicious in the tea too (try it instead of sugar!).

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