Vegetarian Capsules Size 00

Vegetarian Capsules Size 00

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These can be filled with the herb or powder of your choice.

Simply separate the two halves, fill the larger one with the chosen ingredient and then re-seal. Or use one of our handy capsule machines to fill 24 in one go!

Currently our capsules will be a mixture of both Pullulan and HPMC(HydroxyPropylMethylCellulose).

Pullulan is a naturally occurring, edible, bland and tasteless polymer, which is sourced from fungi grown on a starch substrate.

Pullulan capsules are widely used in food and beverage industry as they provide an excellent oxygen barrier.

- Pullulan is chemically inert

- Best choice for oxygen sensitive materials.

- Environment friendly with no toxic chemicals involved in harvesting pullulan.

HPMC capsules, an abbreviation from hypro-mellose (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose), are vegetarian capsules made from plant fibres.

- Made from natural wood pulp and are free from animal products.

- Strictly non-toxic vegetarian, kosher and halal certified.

- Essential for the encapsulation of moisture sensitive powders.

- Offer enhanced absorption and digestion of protein, fat and carbohydrate

- Renowned for their long storage life.

Dimensions Size 00



Locked Length:


Average Weight:


Capsule Capacity (mg) Depending on powder density:

Density 0.6g/ml = 546mg

Density 0.8g/ml = 728mg

Density 1g/ml = 910mg

Density 1.2g/ml = 1092mg

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