AlkaVitae Alka Tea pH Balancing Herbal Tea 50 Teabags

AlkaVitae Alka Tea pH Balancing Herbal Tea 50 Teabags


Supports the discharge of acidic wastes via the kidneys & urinary tract

Contributes to a healthy bladder & urinary tract system

Supports good digestion

With natural antioxidants to support the immune system

Helps to maintain a healthy body weight

Herbs are nature's power source! Every single herb contains elements that are equal to our bodies' building blocks. With a blend of no fewer than 52 sorts of herbs, Alka Tea contains the full spectrum of elements which effectively de-acidifies the body.

Its balanced herbal composition means you can enjoy Alka Tea every day

You can also drink Alka Tea at mealtimes to help your digestion. Alka Tea is a complete reflection of nature inside a cup of tea!

What herbs are there in Alka Tea?

Each teabag contains 2g of a balanced blend of the following herbs:

Agrimony, alchemilla, anise, apple, bear's garlic, black pepper, blackberry leaves, bridewort, caraway fruits, celery, chamomile, cinnamon, clove tree, common lavender, common speedwell, coriander fruits, couch grass, curly parsley, dandelion roots, elder, fennel, fenugreek, garden dill, garden sage leaves, green tea, gum tree, horsetail, lemon, lemon peel, lime blossom, lovage, marigold racemes, marshmallow roots, melissa, milfoil, nettle leaves, origan, pansy viola, peppermint leaves, raspberry leaves, ribwort plantain leaves, rose, rosemary, silverweed, spotted lungwort, summer savory, tarragon, thyme, turmeric, vervain, wheat grass, yerba mate.

How to take Alka Tea:

Put the teabag in a cup and add 250ml of boiling water.

Leave the teabag in for 5 minutes to brew.

Give it a stir & drink slowly.

If you wish, you can leave the teabag in to brew for longer for a stronger tea.

(You can also let your Alka Tea cool down and add an ice cube and a slice of lemon and enjoy as an iced tea.)

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