Clearspring Amazake Dessert Millet 370g

Clearspring Amazake Dessert Millet 370g


Organic Vegan Wheat Free Gluten Free

Clearspring Sweet Grains Dessert - Amazake is made using time honoured production processes and just 3 simple organic ingredients - water, whole grains and a pinch of salt.

These undergo true alchemy to produce this thick, creamy, dairy free traditional Japanese dessert.

Ingredients: Water, millet* (24%), cultured rice*, sea salt.

*Organically grown

What is Amazake?

Literally translated as “sweet sake” a koji culture converts the carbohydrates from the whole grains into simple sugars giving rise to the naturally sweet flavour of amazake.

In Japan Amazake is normally consumed as a drink where it is diluted with hot water, sieved and drunk as a comforting winter warmer. However it is very versatile and can be used in lots of European dishes too.

For example adding Amazake to your favourite fruit smoothie adds proteins, texture and natural sweetness but it could also be added to pancake batter, muffin mixes or used to make dairy free French Toast. Deliciously thick and creamy it is hard to believe its made from dairy free ingredients!

FREE FROM: Dairy, Wheat, Gluten (except for the Oat) , Added Sugar, Nuts

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