Doves Farm Organic Khorosan - Wholegrain Kamut Flour 1kg

Doves Farm Organic Khorosan - Wholegrain Kamut Flour 1kg

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KAMUT® Khorasan Wheat

KAMUT® Khorasan Grain is a trademarked type of khorasan grain or triticum turgidum, from Montana in North America. This type of wheat originated in an area called the Fertile Crescent, a region of land which spans from the present-day Jerusalem, through Syria, Lebanon and Iraq. It was in this lush valley that agriculture was thought to be first developed, and the khorasan grain was grown. The grain passed out of common knowledge until being rediscovered and a closed growing programme began.

KAMUT® is a protected species grown exclusively with organic farming methods and under tightly controlled conditions. The KAMUT® International Licensing agreement stipulates that the grain:

• Is the ancient khorasan variety of wheat

• Is grown only as a certified organic grain

• Has a protein range of 12 -18%

• Is 99% free of all contaminating varieties of modern wheat

• Is 98% free of all signs of diseases

• Contains between 400 and 1000 of ppb of selenium

The grain is a summer wheat which is not suited to the UK soil and climate conditions and grows in North America. The crop grows fairly tall and the kernel is large and bold.. It has a very large, hump backed kernel.

KAMUT® khorasan flour is light gold in colour and is high in protein, making it perfect for use in pasta, bread and biscuits.

Doves Farm is the licenced UK supplier of KAMUT® khorasan brand grain.