Infinity Foods Organic Red Camargue Rice 500g

Infinity Foods Organic Red Camargue Rice 500g


Red rice is the result of a natural crossing-over.

This rice is organicly grown in Camargue in France.

Its qualities come from the exceptionnal land, sun and wind of Camargue.

It is gathered when really mature under the sun and the Mistral wind.

Country of Origin France

Organic Rice (100%)

Whole, red grain rice with the bran still intact, but the inedible husk removed. Soaking time is 20-25mins, after which the grains will swell to ca. 2.5 times their size, yielding a smooth firm textured grain.

Organic red rice is grown and processed according to the requirements of EU regulation 834/2007


characteristic nutty flavour without taint or foreign flavour or odour.


Once cooked, firm but not tough.


Light red

Nutritional Information (per 100g)

Energy kcals 353

Energy kj 1498

Protein 7.4g

Fat 0.6g

of which Saturates -

Carbohydrates 78g

of which sugars -


Fibre 3g

Suitable for:

Ovo Lacto Vegetarians: yes

Vegans: yes

Orthodox Jewish / Kosher: Yes

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