Infinity Foods Organic Wheat Grains

Infinity Foods Organic Wheat Grains

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Infinity Foods Organic Wheat Grains 500g

The whole kernels of the wheat cereal, which can be cooked and eaten whole.

Wheat is a member of the grass family and produces a dry one- seeded fruit, commonly known as a grain or kernel.

The whole grain has still got the fibre rich outer layer intact, known as the bran.

This course outer layer is also rich in nutrients such as B vitamins in particular.

Organic Wheat (100%)

Country of Origin UK

Organic high protein, golden wheat grains with a natural wheat grain flavour

Nutritional Information (per 100g)

Energy kcals 323

Energy kj 1363

Protein 15.2g

Fat 2.2g

of which Saturates 0.5g

Carbohydrates 54.4g

of which sugars 0.7g


Fibre 12.2g

Allergen Information


Wheat /wheat derivatives



Oats Oat bran


Suitable For:

Ovo lacto vegetarians


Orthodox Jewish Kosher

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