Made By Zen Bloom Aroma Diffuser

Made By Zen Bloom Aroma Diffuser

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madebyzen™ have created a wonderfully attractive new Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser, inspired by the enchanting beauty of flowers in bloom.

The creative team at madebyzen™ have taken inspiration from the natural beauty of flowers, and their amazing colour combinations & scent, to develop our latest creation;

The Bloom – Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser.

The Bloom Aroma Diffuser is the perfect way to enliven your home with fragrance, colour and light.

Modern, ultrasonic technology is used to diffuse tap water and fragrance or essential oil, into the air in a plume of fine mist and fragrance, which magically calms the mind, body and soul.

The Bloom Aroma Diffuser is a revolutionary heatless, flameless & smokeless way of diffusing your favourite scent into your living space.

The Bloom offers visually stimulating light which transitions from a bright striking glow to a subtle soft illumination, mimicking natures’ natural transition from dawn to dusk.

This Aroma Diffuser also allows you to ‘pause’ the light on the intensity of your choice, whilst also offering a no light mode making the Bloom perfect for use at night time.

Additional features include an intermittent mist setting, which is ideal for use with stronger Fragrance or Essential Oils. Alternatively, there is a no mist option allowing you to simply add a splash of colourful light into your living space.

Using state of the art technology, our technicians have been able to increase the water capacity with the Bloom Aroma Diffuser (200ml), which means that you can use it for several hours before refilling with water (& oils).

The Bloom is available in a stunning array of colours which include Amber, Aqua Crimson, & Slate.

Specifications for Bloom Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser:

Product Size: 152 x 237mm

Power: 12W

Voltage: DC 24V

Water Capacity: 200ml

Run Time: 6 hours

madebyzen™ Bloom Ultrasonic Aroma Diffusers has the following features:

Ideal for use with pure essential oil and fragrance oil

Auto shut of safety feature

Mini humidifier

Easy to clean

Low energy consumption

Stylish patented design

Click here for the full Bloom manual

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