Olive Tree Body Lotion

Olive Tree Body Lotion

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Olive Tree Body Lotion

Perfect for treating your skin after a morning shower, this light, soothing Olive Tree Body Lotion helps to leave you feeling supple, moisturised and soft.

And enriched in olive oil, fatty acids, shea butter, vitamins and antioxidants, these nutritional ingredients can give your skin the lift and vitality it needs to start a new day.


Aqua - (water)

Olea europaea - (organic olive oil, emollient)

Cetearyl olivate and Sorbitan olivate - (emulsifying esters of olive oil fatty acids)

Glycerin - (plant derived humectant)

Olea europaea (olive oil) unsaponifiables - (skin emollient)

Butyrospermuim parkii - (organic shea butter, skin emollient)

Cetyl palmitate and Sorbitan palmitate - (stabilizing esters of olive oil fatty acids)

Tocopherol - (vitamin e, anti oxidant)

Potassium sorbate - (mild organic acid - preservative)

Olea europaea (olive) leaf extract - (organically grown anti oxidant, anti bacterial)

Xanthan Gum - (natural stabilizer, product thickener)

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