Natural Remedies To Help Memory Loss

Have you ever walked into a room and forgotten why you went in there in the first place? Do you find yourself misplacing things like your phone and house or car keys?

It’s easy to accept an increasingly bad memory as a natural part of getting older, but there are still plenty of things we can do to keep our minds sharp and our memories comprehensive.

Herbalists have long known that certain plants and herbs can help optimise our ability to remember. We’ve put together the best natural remedies that take advantage of these plants to restore and revitalise your brain, so why not have a go at making one and see if you can’t improve your memory today?

Each recipe card gives you precise, easy-to-follow instructions on how to make the creams, ointments, inhalants, teas, tinctures, balms and tablets that can help boost your memory. We’ll also give you tips on what to do with your leftover herbs and oils, all of which can be used for treating a number of different ailments. In fact, why not get in touch and let us know what you use them for?

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