Yogi Tea Men's Tea 17 Organic Teabags

Yogi Tea Men's Tea 17 Organic Teabags


Ayurveda, the holistic system of health from ancient India, teaches that a man must know how to re-new his energy regularly in order to keep his system fit and toned.

A balanced routine ensures an active and productive life. Daily exercise, proper rest and a wholesome diet are essential. Food not only affects a man’s health but his potency as well. According to Ayurveda, potency is man's inner capacity to be creative and effective in all endeav-ours.

Yogi Tea Men's Tea has a roasted spice flavour with a hint of ginseng. Enjoy daily!

Ingredients: Ginger* (15%), cardamom*, liquorice*, carob*, cinnamon*, barley malt*, roasted chicory root*, peppermint*, fenugreek*, fennel*, mace*, anise*, ginseng flowers* (2%), astragalus*, turmeric root*, chili pepper* (1%), cinnamon extract (natural flavour), black pepper*.

The indicated * ingredients are certified organic.

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