White Light Air Essence 10ml

White Light Air Essence 10ml


White Light Air Essence 10ml

Believed to invoke peace and harmony in your heart and mind, the Air Essence is best known for its ability to let you travel to further realms/levels on the spiritual plane so you can enhance your spirituality to the highest degree.

Also reputed to produce sensations of feeling light, easy and carefree, this essence is particularly beneficial to those who are going through an emotional or stressful time as it enables them to attain an overview of the problem and experience enhanced guidance and inner knowing so they can handle it more effectively.

In addition, this essence can help you to:

• View life as being simple and in turn keep it simple

• Realise that life goes go

• Become aware of divine guidance so you can get through dark periods in your life

• Process your thoughts more fluidly and gently

• Maintain a balance between the intellectual and emotional aspects

To take add 7 drops of this essence to a bottle filled with ¾ water and ¼ brandy.

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