White Light Devic Essence 10ml

White Light Devic Essence 10ml


White Light Devic Essence 10ml

Specially prepared on the summer solstice, the Devic Essence enables you to form strong links with the Devic Kingdom and experience feelings of total oneness with everything.

Ultimately helping you to feel less concerned about the hassles of life, this essence can spiritually heal and return you to a place of simplicity and peace, so you can remember why you are here and become passionate about your life’s path again.

Also known to help you communicate with nature; listen to messages from the plant kingdom and attune yourself to healing; the Devic Essence is particularly beneficial to those of you who feel ungrounded, out of control, stressed and disconnected.

Working to sooth and reconnect you with nature, this essence allows you to take care of yourself on a spiritual level as well as encourages nurturing qualities that you can share with others and nature.

Add 7 drops of this essence to a bottle of ¾ water and ¼ brandy, and take under your tongue morning and night.

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