Well This is Awkward...Natural Ways to Boost your Libido

Okay – let’s go right ahead and clear the air here.

Talking about libido issues is generally one of those things left to people on Embarrassing Bodies. It’s just not something we like to discuss.

But did you know it’s one of the most common afflictions in the UK? In fact, one fifth of all men and even more women in the UK experience a loss of libido during their lifetime.

There can be many different reasons why people experience a loss of libido; most people think it’s only old age which brings it on, however, stress, relationship problems, depression, contraception, and even too much booze can lead to a dip in your sex drive.

So, what can you do to reclaim the glint in your eye and the spring in your step?

Well to start with, we’re not going to be recommending any dodgy blue tablets or questionable tubs of chemicals to pump into yourself. What we will recommend are some tips on how to help minimise the negative factors in your life, while maximising your mojo with completely natural, healthy remedies.

Mind Over Matter

Taking a leaf out of a monk’s book may seem like an odd avenue to go down when trying to reignite your passions, but meditation is a highly recommended technique. Believe it or not, practising just ten minutes of meditation a day can help reduce stress dramatically, which is often a factor in low libido.

To add some extra oomph to your efforts, why not try supplementing your mediation with some frisky whisking? There are a variety of herbal remedies which can help get you back on track, but few of them are likely to taste as good as the delicious concoction that is Sex Coffee.

Natural Libido Remedy

This recipe uses a variety of natural libido-boosting herbs such as maca, cacao, cinnamon, honey and coconut milk all whipped up into a delightful drink, helping you kick-start your sex drive.

Heave, Ho

It’s easy to focus solely on mind matters, meanwhile forgetting that, in its essence, some libido problems are all to do with the body (especially when it comes to men).

Because the penis is ‘powered’ by the body’s blood pressure, it’s important to make sure that the thing pumping the blood (you guessed it, the heart), is up to the task of doing so.

What does this mean? Well, the bottom line is, for the factory to produce the goods, the machinery must be in working order. Do some push-ups, jog regularly and be kind to your heart.

For a helping hand with blood flow, give our aptly-named, all-natural Horny Goat Weed Shot a try.

Lewtress Horny Goat Weed High Strength 100ml

So, there you go – a few handy hints to help give flight to the birds and the bees.

For a handful more natural recipes to spice up your love life, head over to our Libido Recipe Hub.

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