Five Fabulous Uses for Frankincense

What do we know about Frankincense? Well, probably the main thing it’s known for is being given to the baby Jesus by one of the three wise men.

You may think he was the wisest of the three, as he managed to get out of spending a load of money on gold. However, in the first century frankincense was so sought-after and yet scarce that it was a more valuable commodity than gold.

The reason it was so highly in demand was due to not only its use in sacred rituals, but also its various health benefits.

It’s still highly popular today due to these very same benefits, so join us while we take a look at the top five ways you can use frankincense to improve your health.


Kills Germs

One of frankincense’s key properties is that it is a natural antiseptic and disinfectant. This means that it can be applied to the skin to kill germs, as well as being used to make a homemade household cleaner, without any harsh chemicals.


Improves Mood

Since ancient times, frankincense has been widely revered for its mood-boosting properties. When inhaled, frankincense helps to lower stress levels and negative emotions by reducing the heart rate and blood pressure.


Boosts Immunity

Because of its ability to kill bacteria, frankincense can be used to kill dangerous bacteria in the body. This makes it a perfect natural immunity booster, and when also used to create a natural hand sanitiser, it can be used to protect the body from both the inside and outside.


Repels Insects

For centuries frankincense has been used as a natural insect repellent. In fact, the Ancient Egyptians burned frankincense to repel wheat moths in their wheat silos. You can burn it to keep the mozzies away in the summer months, as well as rubbing it on your skin.


Protects Skin

Rubbing frankincense on your skin actually has other benefits, too. Because it’s a powerful astringent, it helps to protect your skin cells. In real terms, this means that it can be used to reduce wrinkles, help with acne, lessen the appearance of large pores, as well as tightening the skin to slow signs of ageing - especially when in the form of essential oil.

If you fancy taking a leaf out of the ancient Egyptians’ books, you can make the wise decision to pick up some frankincense right here, or if oil is more your thing, you can pick up some frankincense essential oil here.