Natural Ways to Protect Your Hair in the Summer

The next blog post in our De-Stress Summer campaign is all about healthy hair. The summer months can take their toll on your locks if you aren’t careful – higher temperatures, humidity, the effects of chlorine and salt water are just a few things that can harm the health of your mane.

In general, avoid the midday sun or wear a cover-up to protect your scalp, keep hydrating so your hair can retain more moisture, and avoid using heat styling tools.

More specifically, there are some natural products that you can turn to for both protecting and repairing your hair, without having to resort to the scary chemicals often found in high street products. Here are our top picks for giving your hair much-needed moisture to avoid or repair frizz, split ends and breakages.

Choose a natural shampoo that contains intensive moisturizing ingredients

The hair products we stock are created using essential oils and other herbal remedies. Here are a few that are dedicated to replenishing hair’s natural moisture and oils, leaving it thickened and protected ready for next time you go out in the sun (but remember to keep a hat handy, especially during the midday heat!)

Natural Ways to Protect Your Hair in the Summer - Faith In Nature Jojoba Shampoo

Faith In Nature’s shampoos are packed with natural ingredients, and this one has moisture-master jojoba as the star of the show. This shampoo promises to wrap each strand of hair in a protective coating of the essential oil, allowing it to rejuvenate tired locks.

Natural Ways to Protect Your Hair in the Summer - Revitalizing Vitamin E Pure Natural Shampoo

Jason’s Revitalising Vitamin E shampoo is another great bottle to keep handy if your hair is feeling more straw-like than silky. Vitamins and botanical extracts combine to create a powerful blend for repairing your hair. A great one to use after a day at the beach (or just after being out and about in your local park).

Natural Ways to Protect Your Hair in the Summer - Baldwins Synergy Ylang Ylang & Lavender Shampoo For Dry Hair

Here’s our own shampoo blend made especially for those with dry hair. Even if your hair is normally not dry, it is usually worth picking up a bottle for those with dry hair days to bring some life back to your locks. Our Synergy shampoo combines lavender with ylang ylang, as well as super-hydrating coconut oil. It’s a gentle mix that won’t aggravate your scalp if its been irritated by the sun, but it gets to work on the roots and lengths of your hair restoring their softness.

Use an overnight hair mask for serious hydration

Conditioning is obviously a vital part of a hair-care routine that focuses on bringing moisture back to the hair. We’d suggest you use not just any old conditioner – but a leave-in conditioner or hair mask if your hair is really sun-damaged. We’ve got one ready-made example here, as well as a couple of ideas for creating your own personalized hair mask.

Natural Ways to Protect Your Hair in the Summer - Laughing Bird Hair Food

Laughing Bird’s Hair Food was created for Afro-Caribbean hair, where hair is naturally coarse and needs extra attention for a smooth finish. If your hair is breaking at the ends or you just can’t seem to tame frizz, it’s a brilliant natural treatment that adds all the goodness of avocado, olive and shea butter to your barnet. Use as a leave-in conditioner.

Natural Ways to Protect Your Hair in the Summer - Baldwins Argan OilNatural Ways to Protect Your Hair in the Summer - Baldwins Lavender Essential Oil

Another option is to combine a carrier oil with some essential oils of your choice, to make a personalized treatment to leave on your hair overnight then wash out in the morning. You may be worried about oil making your hair go from dry to greasy, but it’s actually an effective way of encouraging the natural oils in your hair to restore their balance. You’ll be left with soft, supple and manageable hair that is back to its best. When applying, avoid the roots of the hair and focus on the more easily damaged mid-lengths and tips.

Try pairing argan oil (famous for its use in the cult classic Moroccan Oil hair treatments) with essential oils like chamomile to ease a sore, sun-damaged scalp, or lavender for deep conditioning and a calming scent.

Natural Ways to Protect Your Hair in the Summer - Baldwins Solid Coconut Oil

Finally, good old miracle working coconut oil is another super easy way to replenish hair health. Use in the same way as the above – massage a small scoop into the lengths and ends of your hair and leave in as a conditioner.

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