Are You Ready For The Diamond Jubilee?

I can see it now. Hoards of people celebrating on the streets, indulging in street parties and throwing family picnics. But whilst you are thinking about what to eat, who to invite and what to wear, what preparation are you doing for your skin?

We may live in the UK which is notorious for being wet and cold, but with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee happening on the 5th June, the likelihood is the sun will be out and the weather hot.

How can I protect my skin?

Now you might have already thought about this, especially if you’ve got kids, but if you are anything like me and are not keen on smothering your body in toxic chemicals which will be absorbed into your skin, then you may be interested in the following.

I have done a little research and have found the following organic sunscreen recipes which can easily be created using your every day essential oils and herbs.

Natural sunscreen options

There are surprisingly a number of natural sunscreens you can use. Here are some of the more popular ones I found:

  1. Extra Virgin Coconut oil – you might be thinking how on earth can oil protect my skin from burning – after all we use oil to cook our food – but it does work. Simply rub onto your skin every 20-40 minutes, and you’ll develop a nice healthy tan.
  2. Sunscreen recipe – now this one combines a number of my favourite oils. To make all you need is 3tbsp unrefined sesame oil, 1tsbsp unrefined jojoba oil, 1tbsp, unrefined avocado oil, 1tbsp almond oil, 2tbsp cocoa butter, 1tbsp shea butter, 1tsp bee’s wax, 1tsp soya-lecithin, 2tbsp aloe vera gel, 2tbsp rose water, 1/2tsp borax, 20 drops carrot seed essential oil and 3-5 drops coconut fragrances.
    • Melt your cocoa butter and bee’s wax together slowly before adding your sesame seed, jojoba and avocado oils.
    • Introduce your soya-lecithin, mix well and remove from heat.
    • Add your shea butter and mix until it dissolves.
    • In a separate pot mix your rosewater, aloe vera gel and borax together. Heat stirring constantly and once your borax has dissolved, remove from heat and let it cool.
    • Place this pot into a bowl of ice, pour in your oil mixture and stir until you have got a creamy natural sunscreen.
    • Lastly add your carrot essential oil and fragrance, stir and store in a jar in your fridge.
  3. St. John’s Wort – used as an oil infusion, St John’s Wort can provide your skin with effective protection from the sun.

There are a few other recipes out there that you can try which use zinc oxide powder combined with oils and bee’s wax. However if you’re looking for a completely natural sunscreen, then any of the above can help you to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee and keep your skin 100% safe.

We’ll be celebrating the Diamond Jubilee at the shop but we’d love to know what you have planned too. So whether you’re celebrating with friends and family or going the whole hog and arranging a street party, why not let us know in the comments.

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