The Versatile World of Ginger

The versatile world of Ginger

You may be more familiar with Ginger and its ability to treat nausea when you’re pregnant, but Ginger can do so much more than calm your stomach. In fact, Ginger has earned itself a rather strong reputation for its medicinal qualities.

Take a look at the following.

Digestive problems – as well as helping to settle your stomach from morning and travel sickness, Ginger is often also used to improve your digestive system and prevent cramps/bloating.

Respiratory problems – you might be surprised but Ginger has proven itself to be valuable when treating colds, the flu and catarrh related lung conditions.

Arthritic pain – Ginger Essential oil is especially beneficial at providing relief from rheumatic arthritis thanks to its numerous anti-inflammatory properties.

Bruising – often used to help clear bruises and quicken the healing process, diluted Ginger Essential oil can also be applied to skin sores.

Forms of treatment

From arthritis to respiratory problems to fevers to treating sores on your skin, Ginger is definitely one of your more versatile herbs.

And it is surprisingly easy to use on home. So if you don’t fancy visiting your doctor or taking synthetic medication, then any of the following treatments can help you:

Burners/Vaporisers – heat Ginger Essential oil on a burner and the vapour it releases can help relieve catarrh, lethargy, nausea, colds and loss of libido.
Massage oil or in your bath – diluted it can be used for arthritis, nausea, colds, muscle aches, poor circulation and digestive problems.
Creams – add to a base cream and Ginger has been known to aid arthritis, rheumatism, poor circulation and bruises.
Hot compress – as you can imagine, sprinkle some Ginger oil onto a hot compress and it can be used to relieve muscular aches, arthritis and even digestive upsets.

Essentially Ginger acts as a digestive aid, an immune booster, an anti-inflammatory agent and as a spice – not bad for an herb that is normally a key ingredient in your favourite biscuits!

So give it a try! You might be surprised by how effective this one simple herb is…

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