3 Food Swaps for Better Health from the Inside Out

Swap cocoa for cacao

Simply explained, cacao is a pure form of chocolate, before the bean has been roasted and processed (including added sugar, etc). Thanks to this, the raw form has a higher level of antioxidants that your average cocoa or chocolate, so it’s worth trying to use cacao more often to reap these benefits.

Cacao nibs are a great choice as a topping for a variety of things like granola, muesli or even sprinkled on rice pudding. Cacao powder can be whizzed up with avocado to make a healthy natural dessert recipe almost like a chocolate mousse, without the guilt! Try this recipe. You can also add it into smoothies or even mix it with hot water and a drop of agave syrup to make a luxurious hot chocolate without the nasties of processed drinking chocolate.

Swap cow’s milk for alternative milks

Many people find milk difficult to digest, and milk allergies are one of the most common in children in the UK. If you’ve noticed bloating or gas after sipping your cuppa or indulging in some ice cream, you may be in the same boat.

Therefore you might want to think about swapping out the cow’s milk for an alternative, and there are plenty available that still pack a punch when it comes to nutrients.

3 Food Swaps for Better Health from the Inside Out - Provamel Soya Milk

Soy or soya milk is one option. It has a similar level of protein to a glass of traditional milk as well as being low in fat. You can also find brands that have boosted levels of calcium and certain vitamins – try Provamel for an unsweetened option fortified with calcium and B2, B12 and D2 vitamins.

Rice milk is another alternative. Dairy free and without cholesterol, it also has a naturally sweet taste thanks to brown rice syrup used in the manufacturing process. You can also look to nut milks like almond which have a naturally nutty flavour but still have that creamy texture of cow’s milk.

Swap sugary cereal, croutons and popcorn… all for quinoa pops

3 Food Swaps for Better Health from the Inside Out - BioFair Quinoa Pops

We’ve talked before about how quinoa is a brilliant wheat-free protein and ‘pseudo grain’ with a high level of nutrients. While we might have mentioned using it as a swap for rice before, it has plenty more uses – especially when the quinoa has been popped, just like you can pop rice or corn.

In this format, it makes a great alternative to cereal with milk or yoghurt, as a crunchy, nutty topping for salads instead of croutons, or even in a bowl as a slightly messier version of popcorn (thanks to the tiny grains!).

Deliciously Ella also has a yummy recipe for a healthier alternative to chocolate rice crispy cakes using quinoa pops – Quinoa and Cacao crispy treats.

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