5 Benefits of Rose Petals for Natural Health and Beauty - Inside Out Beauty

Rose petals are one of our favourite ingredients for giving a natural boost to your health and beauty. Not only do they look gorgeous, they have plenty of benefits when included in skincare or sipped in tea. Here are just a few:

Rosehip is high in Vitamin C

The rose hip plant is a brilliant source of Vitamin C – and while this amount is lessened when the petals are collected and dried, they still contain a beneficial quantity. Vitamin C supports skin cells against free radicals that cause signs of skin ageing, as well as helping to fight back by increasing collagen production. For bouncy, firm skin, keep an eye out for rose petals in products or even try making your own DIY recipes using them.

Rose petals have a relaxing, calming scent

Whether you pick the scent up as a result of steeping rose petals for tea or because they’re in your creams or lotions, rose petals can help to soothe a stressed, overthinking mind. If you’re feeling a bit low, pop the kettle on or pamper yourself with a rose petal beauty product and you may find the ingredient leaves you feeling more uplifted and comforted. You could also try aromatherapy with rose based essential oils.

Rose petal tea can help to soothe a sore throat

5 Benefits of Rose Petals for Natural Health and Beauty - Dr Stuarts Jasmine Rose

While rose tea can be uplifting for your senses, it will also help to relieve a sore throat thanks to antioxidants. Create your own infusion using dried rose petals or indulge in a ready-prepped rose flavoured brew from Dr Stuart’s. Rose also tastes lovely so that’s another benefit! Try combining with a few peppermint leaves and honey to taste for a warming cup (or leave it to cool and add ice for an iced infusion perfect for warmer weather).

Studies have shown rose can boost a sluggish liver

If you feel your insides need a bit of a kick-start, look to rose petals to help cleanse a congested and overworked liver. Its decongestant antioxidant properties will help to get everything moving and should decrease digestive issues.

Acne and breakouts can benefit from antibacterial rose petals

There’s little wonder why many beauty products contain rose or rose extracts. Not only does it naturally scent products, it’s also antibacterial. This means it can get to work on inflamed or blemished skin, including acne, reducing redness and preventing more breakouts. It’s also an anti-inflammatory, so can help to reduce puffy skin around eyes. Our pomegranate, bilberry and rose cleansing lotion contains rose water and rose essential oil to reap these benefits.