So many people neglect the health of their teeth and live to regret it later. It doesn’t take a huge amount to keep your teeth clean and your gums healthy, and yet so many people fail to do it resulting in serious problems in later life. Aside from toothache, teeth can become loose and fall out, gums can become infected and breath can smell!

If you want to keep your teeth looking good you should follow these simple tips. You will be pleased you did so in later life when you have to have infrequent trips to the dentist.

Tip 1

Brush morning and night. This maybe an obvious one but it needs repeating. Brushing your teeth thoroughly twice a day is crucial to strong teeth. You should not brush too hard as this wears away the enamel and you should make sure you reach every tooth in the mouth. Spend 2 minutes in the morning and again at night for maximum benefit.

Tip 2

Use mouth wash before and after brushing. This may sound a bit extreme but it is a good idea. Brushing can simply wear food into the teeth more so using mouthwash first can prevent this from happening. You should then use it again afterwards for a final rinse through.

Tip 3

Visit the dentist every year. Make sure you do this without fail. The dentist should be visited regularly so that any problems can be caught early. If you miss a year or leave it too long before appointments you may find yourself in need of extra work. Children should visit the dentist more than once a year however.

Tip 4

Avoid sugary food and drinks. Nothing rots your teeth quicker than fizzy drinks and sugary food. If you want to keep decay to a minimum you should limit the amount of junk food you eat and drink. Load up on water and fruit and vegetables for a good set of strong teeth.

Tip 5

Don’t smoke! This is one of the main reasons why teeth get loose and fall out because smoking can wear away the bone that hold your teeth in place. If you want to have good, strong teeth for your whole lifetime then make sure you quit smoking.

If you follow these simple rules and stick to a good daily routine with brushing and swilling with mouthwash you will retain a nice smile throughout your life. Have any of you got any other tips for keeping your smile healthy and white? Send in your comments below.

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