The Dead Sea is situated in Israel and is over 400 meters below sea level. This makes it the lowest body of water found anywhere on Earth. It is very salty, around ten times saltier than other seas and oceans and this makes it difficult for most plants and animals to thrive here, hence its name.

People have travelled to the Dead Sea for thousands of years to reap the benefits from its healing waters. The salt and mud found there are packed full of minerals that are extremely good for the skin and that makes both the salt and mud popular ingredients for cosmetics. There are a good number of Dead Sea Salt products and creams available on the market that can help with a range of problems and conditions.

Using Dead Sea Salt products can help eliminate toxins from your skin and remove dead cells too. Skin is left rejuvenated and glowing after a salt scrub or mud mask. It is also a good anti-aging treatment and many people swear by face products in helping to keep the aging process at bay. Dry skin, acne, psoriasis and eczema can all be treated effectively with a regular treatment of products containing Dead Sea salt or mud. Some people who suffer very badly from one these conditions take trips to the Sea itself to get relief as the waters are extremely healing and bathing there is a wonderful experience.

It would be wonderful to visit the Dead Sea, however if that is not on the cards and unlikely to happen any time soon, enjoying some Dead Sea products is the next best thing. There are bath salts available, body scrubs, mud wraps and moisturising products available so get stuck in and start reaping the benefits today. If Dead Sea salts were good enough for Cleopatra then they are good enough for me! Have any of you used some Dead Sea products in the past? Tell us about your experience here.

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