A Parents Guide: The Best Vitamins For Kids

Ensuring your child receives all the essential nutrients can be a challenge. Fussy eaters, busy schedules, and the ever-present temptation of sugary treats can leave parents wondering if their little ones are getting everything they need to thrive. 

This is where children's vitamins and supplements come in, offering a potential safety net to bridge any nutritional gaps and support healthy growth. But with a vast array of options on the shelf, choosing the best vitamins for kids child can feel overwhelming.

As a parent, this comprehensive guide empowers you to make informed decisions about your child's vitamin needs. We'll delve into the essential and best vitamins for kids, explore the factors to consider when choosing a brand and emphasise the importance of a balanced diet as the foundation for good health.

Why Consider Vitamins for Kids?

The UK Department of Health recommends a healthy, balanced diet as the primary source of nutrients for children. However, research from the National Diet and Nutrition Survey (NDNS) suggests that certain age groups in the UK might benefit from additional vitamins. For example, the NDNS points out:

These findings highlight how dietary choices and geographical location can influence children's vitamin intake. Consulting your GP or a registered dietitian can help assess your child's specific needs and determine if a vitamin supplement could be beneficial, and is always advised first.

The Best Vitamins & Supplements For Kids From Baldwins

#1 Nature's Plus Animal Parade Liquid Gold 480ml Liquid Vitamins For Children

 Bottle of NaturesPlus Animal Parade Gold Multivitamin Liquid in Tropical Berry flavour, a food supplement with vitamins D3 and K2, 480 ml.

Every parent knows the struggle of getting kids their daily nutrients. This delicious tropical berry drink is packed with all the good stuff growing bodies need.

We're talking 100% of the most essential vitamin and mineral DVs, plus prebiotics, organic whole foods like broccoli and spinach, and even vitamin K2 - a rising star for bone and heart health. Yet despite being a nutritional heavyweight, Animal Parade has a delicious natural berry flavour. 

From focus-boosting B vitamins to antioxidant plant extracts, every sip is brimming with goodness to support kids' energy, brain health and overall development. It's like a farm-fresh nutrient smoothie without any of the mess or veg-nudging required!

#2 Fortuss Otosan - with Pure Manuka Honey Cough Syrup 180g

 Bottle of Otosan Fortuss Cough Syrup with Manuka honey, for dry and productive cough, suitable for adults and children, 180 g, next to its packaging.

This natural, kid-friendly cough formula harmonises the soothing powers of Manuka honey and organic wildflower honey. It also contains special plant molecular complexes such as Helichrysum, which may reduce inflammation in the airways, and plantain, which coats the airways with a protective layer to reduce irritation.

Whether your little one has a dry, ticklish cough or brings up phlegm, Fortuss gets to work thinning and loosening mucus for easier clearing.

At the same time, the manuka and wildflower honey create a protective coating to counteract irritation and scratchy soreness. Kiss those nighttime coughing fits goodbye as the soothing action takes centre stage.

#3 Optibac Probiotics For Babies & Children

 Box and sachets of Optibac Probiotics for Babies & Children, a digestive supplement for 0-12 years with 3 billion friendly bacteria, vitamin D3 for immune health, 10 sachets.

This award-winning live culture supplement is tailored specifically for little tummies from newborn to 12 years old.

Each convenient sachet delivers a whopping 3 billion reinforcements from three strains of friendly bacteria scientifically proven to survive the stomach acid gauntlet. Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium infantis and Bifidobacterium bifidum have all passed rigorous testing on immune function in kids. They're also packing prebiotic FOS fibres to help the good guys really flourish. No more sugar bombs or artificial junk - just 100% natural goodness suitable for vegans, coeliacs, and mamas-to-be.

The kid-friendly powder can be mixed into any food or drink, hot or cold. Nipple application for babies, or stir into a smoothie for fussier toddlers.

#4 Nature’s Aid Kidz Omega-3 Liquid 

 Bottle of Natures Aid Kidz Omega-3 with natural lemon flavour and vitamin D3, supporting heart, brain, and vision, sugar free, suitable for ages 6+, 150ml, with packaging.

Give your kids a dose of brain fuel with Nature's Aid Kidz Omega-3 Liquid. This supplement delivers a mega-punch of the healthy fats that growing minds and bodies crave.

Packed with high levels of omega-3 EPA and DHA, every kid-friendly spoonful supports heart health, brain development and even vision. The best part? Kidz Omega-3 Liquid tastes like lemon, thanks to its all-natural flavouring. But there's no need to worry about sneaky sugars or artificial nasties - this fish oil supplement is 100% clean with no colours, preservatives or other additives.

#5 Nature’s Aid Mini Drops Children’s Vitamin D3 50ml

Bottle of Natures Aid Mini Drops Vitamin D3 for infants and children from newborn to 5 years, sugar-free, 400iu per 1ml, bone and teeth support, 50ml food supplement.

These award-winning drops are specially formulated to provide the perfect 400IU daily dose for your tots.

The best part? They're completely flavourless, so you can easily mix them into any food or drink without a fight. Made with simple, high-quality ingredients like fractionated coconut oil, vitamin D3, and vitamin E, these drops are free from artificial colours, flavours, sweeteners and preservatives. They're designed with newborns, babies and children in mind.

Simply shake well and add the micro-droppers to a bottle, puree or even mother’s nipple or dummy for totally fuss-free supplementation. 

#6 Optibac Kids Gummies Strawberry Flavour 30 Chewables

Box of Optibac Strawberry Kids Gummies, digestive supplement with 2 billion friendly bacteria, vitamin D to maintain immune health, plus calcium, 30 chewable gummies.

Is your little one's gut needing some extra TLC? These delicious vegan-friendly gummies are specially formulated to keep those tiny tummies happy and healthy. Packed with 2 billion live cultures of the scientifically-researched probiotic strain Bacillus coagulans IS-2, each strawberry-flavoured bite delivers a boost of good bacteria straight to your child's digestive system. But that's not all - Optibac Kids Gummies also contain FOS fibres, vitamin D, and calcium to support overall growth, immunity, and digestive enzyme production.

Suitable for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free diets. The child-friendly chewable format makes them easy to take on the go or blend into foods and drinks.

#7 Viridian Viridikid Organic Vitamin C Drops

Bottle of Viridian Organic Viridikid Vitamin C Drops, 50ml, for immune support in children.

A 100% active vitamin C supplement with no artificial nasties - just the good stuff, formulated by expert nutritionists. These drops are basically a magic potion to keep your little one's immune system firing on all cylinders.

Whether they're fighting off the sniffles or you want an extra defence for cold and flu season, Viridikid Vitamin C has got you covered. Just mix the drops into a drink or straight onto a spoon. Their naturally tasty cherry flavour means no teatime tantrums.

So give your kids a vitamin C boost the natural way with Viridikid Vitamin C Drops. Their bright smiles and glowing health will be thanks enough!

#8 Otosan Nasal Spray for Babies

 Otosan Nasal Spray Baby bottle and packaging, designed for decongestion with organic components, 30ml.

Sniffles, snuffles and stuffed-up noses - the dreaded nasal congestion consumes kids more often than we'd like. This gentle, plant-based nasal decongestant is specially formulated for your little ones' delicate respiratory systems.

The clever mucus-adhesive formula allows for gradual release, so one quick spray per nostril is all it takes. The anatomically-designed nozzle delivers a fan-like mist ideal for tiny nasal passages. Best of all, you can use it frequently to help relieve your little one. 

Choosing The Best Vitamins for Kids: Navigating the Brand Options

With a plethora of children's vitamin brands on the market, selecting the right one can be overwhelming. Here are some key factors to consider to find the best vitamins for kids that align with your needs:

  • Source and Form: Look for vitamins derived from natural sources whenever possible. Gummy vitamins might appeal to children, but chewable or tablet forms offer a more concentrated dose.
  • Dosage: Ensure the vitamin provides the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for each nutrient specific to your child's age group. Exceeding the RDA can be harmful.
  • Ingredients: Avoid unnecessary additives, artificial colours, sweeteners, or allergens. Opt for sugar-free varieties whenever possible.
  • Quality Certifications: Look for brands with certifications from reputable organisations like GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) or the UK Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).
  • Brand Reputation: Research the brand's reputation for quality and safety. Look for companies with a proven track record and transparent manufacturing practices.

Additional Tips:

  • Read Reviews: Look for reviews from other parents and healthcare professionals to gain further insights into the brand and its effectiveness.
  • Consult Your Doctor: Discuss your child's vitamin needs with your doctor or a registered dietitian. They can recommend brands or formulations that best suit your children’s needs.

Support Your Child's Health with Vitamins and Supplements for Children

At Baldwins, we pride ourselves on providing the best children’s vitamin ranges of exceptional quality. You can discover our full range of children’s health supplements here.