Full Of Energy?

Q. Why do I feel so low?

A. “I just don’t seem to have much energy”, it’s a familiar refrain in today’s world where we live stressful pressured lives. Men and women undergo times in their lives when they are lacking in energy, perhaps due to stress, long hours behind a desk or simply a lack of exercise. As humans we were made to hunt and gather, yet many of us sit in front of a computer for hours on end building up stress and running down our intellectual and emotional reserves, yet taking little actual physical exercise.

Q. What types of products can help me?

A. You might like to consider a multi-vitamin supplement. In particular, the vitamins A, C and E are important to help maintain a healthy body and immune system, which can be at risk if we are unduly stressed. If you’ve recently had a virus or cold, then vitamin C will help build up your defences, and if you feel depressed and lethargic you may be lacking in B vitamins. Siberian Ginseng is well known for its energy-giving properties too and can be taken as a daily supplement.

Q. Can aromatherapy products help increase my energy levels?

A. The herbs and extracts used in aromatherapy oils can help to improve energy levels and decrease stress. Energy levels are often affected as much by our state of mind as by physiological factors and hence using products that we find uplifting, pleasant and indulgent can help us to change our pattern of thinking. Jasmine, rose, frankincense and sweet marjoram are good for reducing stress and lavender is a known relaxant. To uplift and clarify, try orange and cinnamon. Baldwins new Innerscent Spray with rose and cinnamon will help clear your senses and get your brain working!

Q. What about my lifestyle?

A. What you eat, drink, and how you live will undoubtedly affect your energy levels. Like a computer – rubbish in, rubbish out – our bodies are reliant on what we put in. Cut down on caffeine because the rush of energy you feel immediately after drinking it will have a negative after-effect and can drain you of energy in the long term. Eat lots of fruit and vegetables and try slow release carbohydrate foods such as brown bread and pasta, which will help to keep your sugar levels from fluctuating. Contrary to using up energy reserves, exercise will release hormones that motivate and make you feel good. Howeve, if you have severe energy loss, find yourself falling asleep as soon as you sit down, or have any other ongoing symptoms, you should see your doctor.

Baldwins helpline staff are always please to give you more information. Contact them on 020 7703 5550.

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