4 Handy Tips for Dry Hands

Our poor little paws can really suffer: cold weather, frequent handwashing and cleaning products are a one-way ticket to dry, cracked hands. We’ve collected some of our top tips for soft mitts to help keep dry skin at bay.


1. Moisturise your mitts

Not all moisturisers have our hands’ best interests at heart! Petroleum-based moisturisers act like a barrier, so while they stop moisture getting out of our skin, they also stop the good stuff from getting in. What you really want is a moisturiser that will penetrate every layer, so new skin cells grow plump. Try our winter balm recipe for a natural dose of delicious moisture.


2. Clean with care

Your household cleaning routine could be behind unusually dry hands. The most obvious solution is to make sure you always wear a pair of dashing marigolds when doing any chores that involve chemicals (it’s called fashion, look it up). But we always say, go big or go home: why not skip the chemicals to begin with? Try making your own washing up liquid and oven cleaner to protect your paws!


3. Skip the hand sanitisers

Alcohol-based hand sanitisers will dry your hands out like their sole job is to wreck your skin. It’s good to keep them on hand for hospital visits, or to crack out when you’re sick as they are the most effective way of controlling nasties like norovirus, but you don’t need to use them for everyday hygiene. Instead, try a gentle hand soap that doesn’t contain any synthetic fragrances.


4. Pamper your palms

These are all preventative, but what if you’re hands are already feeling scaly? Give them a good soak in warm (not too hot!) water for ten minutes. Add a small cup of oats to make a moisture-boosting milky soak, or try adding a couple of drops of rose essential oil to a tablespoon of avocado oil and stirring that into the water. Dry your hands with a soft towel, slather them in coconut oil and pop on a pair of gloves to wear overnight. In the morning you’ll have perfectly soft hands! If you’re hands are really dry – especially if you can’t avoid constant handwashing, hand sanitiser or chemicals, you can use the coconut remedy nightly to keep on top of things.


 If your hands are cracked, peeling or very sore, it’s best to pay your doctor a visit.