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In the bustling rhythm of modern life, sometimes stress and sleeplessness can prevent you from feeling your best. Wouldn’t it be great if there was something natural that could help alleviate these ailments? One little-known gem has been used for centuries to help with stress, sleep and more - the hawthorn berry.

Hawthorn berries are renowned for their deep, red hue and have been used in traditional medicine across various cultures for hundreds of years. They are more than just a feast for the eyes. They can be a source of comfort for the mind and a balm for the body. 

Join us as we explore how these small but mighty berries can make a big impact on your stress levels, sleep quality, blood pressure and more - guiding you from the A(nxiety) to Z(ZZs) of hawthorn berries.


What Are Hawthorn Berries?

Hawthorn fruit, known scientifically as Crataegus and affectionately as “haws”, are small, tart fruits that grow on the hawthorn shrub or tree. This tree is native to temperate regions of Europe, North America and Asia. 

Characterised by their vibrant red colour and mealy texture, these berries have been a staple in traditional medicine for centuries, revered for their heart-healthy properties and a broad spectrum of therapeutic uses.


Historical and Cultural Significance of Hawthorn Berries

In traditional medicine, hawthorn berries have long been used to treat various ailments, from heart disease to digestive issues. In Medieval Europe, the berry was a key ingredient in tonics and remedies, believed to uplift the spirits and enhance wellbeing. The berry is also a core part of traditional Chinese medicine, going back to 659 A.D.

Beyond its health benefits, hawthorn has been featured in folklore and celebrations, symbolising love and prosperity, particularly in May Day festivals.

The hawthorn plant itself is also steeped in lore and legend, often seen as a symbol of protection and hope. Ancient cultures were known to plant it around sacred sites and homes as a protective barrier against negative forces.


Top 6 Health Benefits of Hawthorn Berries

#1 Antioxidant Powerhouse

Hawthorn berries are a treasure trove of antioxidants, particularly rich in polyphenols. These natural compounds are crucial in fighting off free radicals. Free radicals are unstable molecules that can cause oxidative stress and lead to various chronic diseases when levels become too high. 

By neutralising these molecules, hawthorn berries contribute to a reduced risk of several conditions, including certain cancers, type 2 diabetes, asthma, heart problems and even premature skin ageing. While research is ongoing, the antioxidant activity of these berries shows promising benefits for overall health.


#2 Anti-inflammatory Potential

Studies in animal models have shown that hawthorn berry extracts can significantly reduce levels of inflammatory compounds, leading to diminished liver inflammation and injury. This suggests potential benefits for humans, although more research is required to confirm these effects.


#3 Blood Pressure Reduction

Hawthorn berries have long been utilised in traditional Chinese medicine as a natural remedy for high blood pressure. Research supports their ability to act as a vasodilator, relaxing constricted blood vessels and reducing blood pressure. 

Clinical studies have observed that hawthorn extract can lead to improvements in blood pressure levels, highlighting its potential as a supportive treatment for hypertension.

However, it's essential to approach hawthorn use with caution, especially when combined with conventional heart medications. Always consult with a medical professional if you are pregnant and/or have a pre-existing health condition when looking to incorporate hawthorn berries into your diet.


#4 Cholesterol Management

Thanks to their content of flavonoids and pectin, a type of dietary fibre, hawthorn berries may help balance cholesterol levels by reducing triglycerides and LDL (bad) cholesterol while promoting HDL (good) cholesterol. 

This can help to prevent atherosclerosis, a condition characterised by plaque buildup in the arteries that can lead to heart attack or stroke.


#5 Digestive Aid

Traditionally used to treat digestive issues, hawthorn berries can aid digestion and alleviate stomach pain. Their fibre content helps to reduce constipation and acts as a prebiotic, supporting healthy gut bacteria essential for a well-functioning digestive system. 

Research indicates that hawthorn extracts can reduce gut transit time and enhance the production of digestive enzymes, necessary for breaking down fats and proteins.


#6 Enhancing Sleep and Reducing Anxiety

Rich in bioactive compounds that have a gentle calming effect on the nervous system, hawthorn berries can help ease the journey into slumber. They've been traditionally used to reduce anxiety and stabilise mood — a benefit that's particularly useful when stress levels interfere with the ability to fall asleep or stay asleep.

Preliminary research, including studies combining hawthorn extract with other natural substances, indicates hawthorn berries can significantly reduce anxiety levels. The hawthorn berry's advantage over traditional anti-anxiety medications lies in its fewer side effects, making it an area of continued scientific interest.


Can You Eat Hawthorn Berries?

Hawthorn berries can be a tart, yet tasty addition to your diet. Due to their high pectin content, hawthorn berries are a popular ingredient in delicious jellies, jams, sweets and fruit leathers.

However, their seed contains compounds that should be avoided, so it's important to consume them carefully or opt for prepared products that ensure safety and palatability.


Incorporating Hawthorn Berries into Your Diet

Embracing the benefits of hawthorn berries in your daily routine can be both delicious and health-promoting. Whether you're considering adding hawthorn berries to your meals, brewing a soothing tea, or taking them in a supplement, Baldwins offers a variety of options for easily incorporating these nutritional powerhouses into your lifestyle.


Baldwins Hawthorn Berry Herbal Tincture

Image of hawthorn tincture

For a straightforward approach to enjoying hawthorn, the Hawthorn Berry Herbal Tincture is perfect. Add it to water or your favourite tea to give your drink a heart-healthy boost.


Nature’s Answer Hawthorn Alcohol-free Liquid Extract

Hawthorn extract in drip bottle

Want an easy way of adding this supplement in to your diet? Try the Nature’s Answer Hawthorn Alcohol-free Liquid Extract, designed to be added to a small amount of water (1-2ml)  3 times a day. 

Bio-health Hawthorn Berry Capsules

Hawthorn capsules in tub

If you're often on the go, Bio-health's Hawthorn Berry Capsules are an excellent way to ensure you receive your daily intake of hawthorn. Each capsule is packed with the goodness of these berries, providing a convenient option for busy schedules.


Baldwins Hawthorn Berry Powder

Hawthorn powder

Ideal for the creative health enthusiast, Baldwins' Hawthorn Berry Powder can be sprinkled into smoothies, baked goods, or homemade capsules. This powder is a great way to get creative with hawthorn's beneficial properties.


Salus House Organic Hawthorn Tea Bags 

hawthorn tea bag box

Fancy hawthorns benefits in a brew? The Salus House Hawthorn Tea Bags are perfect for those mornings and evenings when a cup of tea is needed. Shop already-infused hawthorn tea bags today, or find out how to make your own below. 

Making Your Own Hawthorn Tea

Image says how to make hawthorn berry tea

Learning how to make hawthorn berry tea is easy and rewarding, especially if you enjoy crafting unique brews that are tailored to your taste.

To make hawthorn berry tea, simply steep Baldwins Remedy Creator - Hawthorn Berry Tea in hot water that’s just off the boil. Leave to infuse for around 5 minutes, strain and enjoy! For added flavour and benefits, you can mix in other herbs such as rosehip or chamomile.


Explore the Baldwins Hawthorn Berry Range

From heart-friendly tinctures to calming teas, the wide variety of ways you can incorporate hawthorn berries into your health routine are as diverse as the healing benefits they offer. 

We hope this celebration of the humble yet powerful hawthorn berry guides you to serene days and restful nights, to a place where stress subsides, and health thrives.

Start nurturing your health with the natural potency of hawthorn berries at Baldwins today.