Baldwins Herb Quiz!

Calling all Harry Potter fans… just how well do you know your herbology? Could you name the various herbs and roots used in a polyjuice potion, for example?
If you think you’re an expert on the worlds conjured up in Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and other sci-fi or fantasy tales, why not see just how good you are at spotting fictional herbs from real ones. Will you be able to tell which could actually help you naturally treat illnesses, calm skin or soothe pain, and which are used in magical potions in books, TV, films and games? You never know, natural remedies from the ‘muggle’ world might surprise you as being more fantastical than you thought!

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Baldwins Herb Quiz - Tea Tree Or Tolkien!

Baldwins Herb Quiz – Tea Tree Or Tolkien!

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