The Herb Body Map

The Herb Body Map

Download, print & share our easy guide to what herbs are helpful to which body systems.

Herbal Medicine can be fantastic for helping us with health problems (or used preventatively) but can often be difficult to navigate so what you need is a good map, a herb body map (and maybe Baldwin’s can act as some sort of rudimentary compass?)
We’ve gathered together this simple infographic that will help you see which herbs are commonly associated and used for which parts of the body.

Hopefully this will make it easier to find a herb that will help you. Remember always to check with your practitioner before taking herbs or supplements, especially if you are taking prescribed medication.

Feel free to download, print & share our Herb Body Map. You can view & download the full size image by right-clicking here and selecting ‘save link as..’

The Herb Body Map ~ G. Baldwins & Co. (

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