Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

Picture this: it’s Christmas eve, and the whole family has gathered to watch It’s a Wonderful Life. You have heaps of soft blankets, steaming mugs of tea warming your hands and gently spiced lebkuchen to nibble. Candles glow in the hearth and the room is softly lit by the fairy lights decorating the tree.

What if you could wrap up that feeling of contentment and give it as a gift? Well, that’s the aim of the game with a homemade Christmas hamper: a little selection of treats to inspire comfort and joy. We’ve come up with four homemade Christmas hamper ideas that you could recreate for your loved ones.


Snackin’ Around the Christmas Tree

Christmas isn’t Christmas without nibbles and treats. You could include homemade traditionally spiced bakes like lebkuchen, stollen or mince pies, or you could try your hand at Christmas bark: melt dark chocolate and pour onto a sheet of greaseproof paper. Swirl in melted white chocolate to create a marbled effect, then top with chunks of candy cane, popcorn, and a seed mix. Break into chunks and wrap in grease proof paper, tied with a bow. 


We Wick You a Merry Christmas

Nothing makes a space feel cosier than a candle. But have you ever tried your hand at candle making? It’s surprisingly easy, and they make beautiful gifts. The great thing about making your own candles is that you can tailor the essential oil blends to suit the recipient. We have candle making kits with five different oil duos to choose between, or take a peek at the essential oils section below for inspiration.


Merry Sniffmass Everybody

Our sense of smell is one of our most powerful nostalgic tools. Pop a couple of bottles of essential oil into a homemade Christmas hamper to really engage the senses. Christmas cake spices like anise, cinnamon, clove, ginger and nutmeg blend beautifully with fresh, green scents like pine or cedarwood. Add uplifting peppermint or sweet orange oil, or lean into the nativity with frankincense and myrrh.


Oh Christmas Tea, O Christmas Tea

A pretty tin or jar filled with a homemade herbal tea and tied with a ribbon is a welcome gift in the winter months. Try chamomile, ginseng, thyme or turmeric. Include a little jar of honey, an infuser and a cosy mug – you could even tuck a little homemade gingerbread man or a slice of Christmas cake into the box as a festive teatime treat.


The finishing touches

Wrap each item in tissue paper anointed with a drop of cinnamon or pine essential oil so the recipient is greeted with a waft of seasonal scent when they open the lid.

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