Natural Bug Banishers

There can be no doubt – summertime is glorious.

It’s a reward for putting up with the long, cold winter nights and those upsettingly short, frosty days. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel.

One of the best parts of summer has to be the warm evenings, where you can get home from work and still enjoy a good few hours of sunshine in the garden, the park, or the balcony.

But, as with everything, there is a downside. Bugs.

Whether it’s the annoying fly buzzing around your barbeque, the wasps trying to get in your wine, or the mosquitoes eating you alive. Pesky insects have the ability to taint even the most golden of summer evenings.

There are ways to protect yourself of course, but did you know, you don’t need to resort to unnatural chemicals? After all, who wants to have bug spray anywhere near their fresh salad or barbeque?

To help you stay bug-free during those beautiful summer evenings, here are our top three bug banishing remedies that you can rustle up at home.

1. Neem Spray

When you’re outside enjoying a delicious meal accompanied by the warm weather, the last thing you want is to become a meal to something else. The small but infuriating mosquito is the prime suspect when it comes to being nibbled at night, and their tiny size paired with their impressive agility make them almost impossible to catch in the act.

That’s why we stand by our old favourite remedy, Neem Spray, to act as a preventative measure before the mozzies get to you. Both neem leaf and rosemary have insect repelling properties, so combine forces to create an all-natural yet super-effective bug spray.

2. Citronella Candle

Sometimes the oldies are the best. Burning citronella is a tried and tested method for avoiding getting bitten on those long summer evenings. Rather than actively repelling mosquitos, citronella masks the smells which make humans attractive, which is how mosquitos find their targets.
Plus, burning a citronella candle also has the added benefit of adding a certain ambiance to the evening, as well as smelling delicious.

3. Parsley and Cider Vinegar Scrub

Parsley may not be the cape-clad superhero you were expecting when reading up on natural bug banishers, but believe us – this one works a treat. Having been used for generations, parsley makes an effective insect repellent, helping you to avoid getting snacked upon by biting flies, midges and mosquitoes.

So, next time you’re cooking up a feast, make sure to keep a little parsley on the side for to whip up your own natural insect rub.

If you want some more insect-repelling inspiration, just head over to the remedy hub for a whole load more all-natural recipe guides.

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