Spring Cleansing & Detoxing

Spring is in the air and with some considered cleansing hopefully in our step! The wheel of the year turns in time with nature’s rhythm as we celebrate the Spring Equinox. Spring flowers bloom, sap rises, March hares abound and new life appears all around us! Persephone returns from the underworld as warmth and life return to our green and pleasant land! Our blood and our energy warm to the surface of our skin which is our largest organ of elimination. Whether we celebrate Easter, Oestre or Ostara this is traditionally an ideal time to gently cleanse our winter bodies into healthy and vibrant spring ones!

This is a particularly good time to offer our liver and gallbladder some TLC! The liver is our body’s largest internal organ and is the main de-toxifier of the body. The liver produces bile during the detoxification process. Our bodies in their infinite wisdom have a use and purpose for bile, the gallbladder receives and stores bile to support the digestive system in the breakdown of fats and cholesterol.

Revive, rejuvenate and rebuild! There are many plant allies that particularly support the liver and gallbladder.

The following herbs are Baldwin’s tried and tested favourite springtime cleansers:

DANDELION ~ Taraxacum officinale

  • A traditional well respected friend of the liver.
  • The name dandelion is derived from the Greek words “taraxos” meaning disorder and “akos” meaning remedy
  • A cup of dandelion tea may provide more iron and calcium than a portion of spinach and higher amounts of beta carotene than a serving of carrots!
  • Dandelion is a potent blood purifier and tonic which supports the production and distribution of bile.
  • Dandelion is great for water retention and is often known as pissenlit in French.

Yes, you guessed correctly, it has a diuretic action!

BURDOCK ROOT ~ Arctium lappa

  • Brilliant burdock is a super-savvy cleansing herb which supports the removal of waste products from the body.
  • Burdock is effective in stimulating the flow of bile in the gallbladder and reducing fluid retention
  • Burdock may be helpful in the removal of heavy metals.

A dear and true friend of the liver and gallbladder!

Nettles ~ Urtica dioica

Mega nettles prove their mettle!

These gorgeous green powerhouses of vitamins and minerals shake us out of our winter hibernation.

  • Nettles support our blood and immune system.
  • Nettles have anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties.

All these herbs may be taken as teas, tinctures, tablets and capsules.

Movement and exercise support blood flow and lymphatic drainage which encourages efficiency within all processes of elimination.

A brisk walk in nature is a salve to body and soul.

Dry skin brushing is an effective method for cleansing the lymphatic system. Lymph fluid contains an accumulation of old waste matter. A good body brush is vital.

The Robert Gray skin brush is ideal

The direction of skin brushing is important as the lymph system is made up of one way valves.

It is helpful to brush toward the heart as this is the direction that lymph fluid flows.

Brushing your whole body directly before a bath or shower will invigorate your entire system and love your lymph into life.

Adequate water supports wellness.

  • Keep your body hydrated throughout the day.
  • Sip eight to ten 8oz glasses of water daily.
  • Adding lemon juice will add zing and the liver just loves lemon!

Rejuvenation needs to be relatively stress free, fun and easy – it’s about feeling good after all!

Adding some essential oils to your bath or body oil will uplift your spirits and reinvigorate your entire being. Choose a few drops of the following essential oils either singularly or in a bath time blend for a fresh and heavenly detox pamper:

Angelica, cypress, fennel, geranium, grapefruit, juniper and rosemary.

Here are some proven staff favourites to start you off on your journey toward enhanced health and well-being:

  • G. Baldwin and Co Liver Detox Complex containing milk thistle and burdock – 60 vegetarian capsules £11.49
  • Bio Health Silamarie containing 450mg of milk thistle per capsule – 120 capsules £14.95
  • Dr Stuarts’s DETOX tea bags containing dandelion, burdock and milk thistle – 15 tea bags £2.19
  • Higher Living PURITY tea bags containing burdock, dandelion and milk thistle – 15 tea bags £1.99
  • Synergy De-toxifying bath oil100ml – £5.19
  • Synergy De-toxifying body oil – £5.65

Details of all products may be found on our website www.baldwins.co.uk

Please call our famously friendly customer service team if you require further advice and suggestions: 020 7703 5550

Please let us know of any of your favourite combinations of herbs and/or oils for cleansing and detoxing in the comments below!

Energise, enjoy, happy spring cleansing (once the snow clears of course!)

Bright Buoyant Blessings!


Spring Cleansing

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