The Natural Festival Recovery Handbook

September means we’re officially heading towards autumn, and the sun has set on another festival season. We love lying in the sun as much as the next red-blooded festival-goer, but all that lounging around in the hot weather can play havoc with your skin, hair, health and wellbeing. We’ve pulled together a handbook of natural remedies to combat sun damage, fatigue, and those post-festival blues.


We all know that too much sun is a major no-no for our skin, but it’s hard to resist a few rays over summer. Even with plenty of sun cream and regular breaks in the shade, a little sun can have a heavy impact on our skin. Throw alcohol, too little sleep and too much salty food into the mix, and you could be in need for some serious post-festival skincare.

Treat your skin the natural way with a homemade avocado skin cream. Nourishing avocado and soothing rosemary work together to repair damaged skin, top up nutrients and relieve the painful symptoms of sunburn.


Festivals aren’t too kind to our hair either. Too much sun, heat and dust can leave your tresses looking tired and dry, with serious split ends. On top of that, going the length of a festival without a proper shampoo and condition is only going to make things worse.

Perk up your post-festival locks with a deep conditioning protein mask. Protein-rich eggs are full of moisturising fats and enzymes to leave your hair silky-soft, while honey strengthens hair and helps it to retain moisture. You could also try a lavender hair mask to revive damaged hair and promote elasticity.


Festival grub comes in all shapes and sizes, but chances are you’ve eaten your fair share of oily noodles and greasy snacks this summer, washed down with the odd trip to the beer tent. Your body needs plenty of nourishing whole foods to recover from a summer of excess. Vitamin C is a must, so get stuck into plenty of fresh fruit, rainbow salads and smoothies to rejuvenate your system. Leafy greens, like kale, spinach and rocket, give you a detoxifying hit of chlorophyll, while coconut water is the perfect refreshment to rehydrate your body and restore those essential electrolytes.


Of course, there’s more to festivals than pitching a tent and simply kicking back in the sun. All of that packing and travelling can really take it out of you – not to mention all those late nights and early mornings. If you’re still feeling burnt out, why not whip together a batch of
Siberian root capsules to kick start your mornings the natural way? Ginseng root powder is a wonder-herb, perfect to perk you up when you’re feeling the burn. Take one each morning with water or a cup of detoxifying green tea.


Prevention is always better than cure, but we hope this guide will help you to recover and recalibrate after a long summer of fun in the sun. Until next year!