Using ear candles to perform “candling” as it is often known is not one of the most well known alternative therapies out there. Nonetheless those who use ear candles swear by them. The therapy is carried out by placing a hollow ear cone that is then lit into the ear canal. The heating of the cone causes a mild suction effect which helps to clear the ear and thus lead to clear sinuses, ears and noses too. It is also claimed that a range of psychological benefits can be obtained from ear candling including greater relaxation and increased mental alertness.

People who use this therapy often claim to see improvements to conditions such as tinnitus, sinus problems, throat infections and even a reduction in hay fever symptoms. It is also said to help reduce snoring and of course helps dramatically break down ear wax build up. These and other every day symptoms are helped because the therapy produces an improvement of blood flow to the neck and the head.

The process of ear candling is a very simple one. The person lies down flat on the floor or bed with a damp towel over their head. A second person will need to insert the cone into the ear and then light the top of it. A crackling or whistling noise may be heard briefly once the cone is lit but otherwise it burns very gently and quietly. Eventually the cone will need extinguishing which can be done by removing it and placing it in water.

Anyone who has had this procedure done should avoid swimming or submerging their ears in the shower or bath for a day or two. There are no side effects however and it is completely safe. Have any of you enjoyed this therapy? Did you notice any symptoms as described above or could you not tell the difference?

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