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Liver Cleansing and Boosting Ingredients to Jumpstart Your January!

After a hectic Christmas and New Year you may be feeling a little worse for wear. Many people are looking to revamp their diets after overindulging, but one specific area to consider is the health of your liver. This extremely important organ has several jobs, including processing food during digestion, eradicating toxins and helping to store essential fuel your body needs day to day – even while it’s getting a bit of a battering from alcohol during party season!

There are several ingredients and foods to look out for which help to boost the liver’s functions and act as a supportive supplement while it recovers after the festivities.

Liver Cleansing and Boosting Ingredients – Milk Thistle

Liver Cleansing and Boosting Ingredients to Jumpstart Your January! - Milkthistle

Milk thistle is a Mediterranean herb that many recommend as a complementary ingredient for helping to restore and refresh the liver. Silymarin is its main component, and it works to provide an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant presence in the body.

We have a milk thistle tincture which is perfect for an easy way to incorporate the herb into your health routine. A typical dosage would be 1ml-5ml diluted in water which you can take up to three times a day.

Liver Cleansing and Boosting Ingredients – Turmeric

Liver Cleansing and Boosting Ingredients to Jumpstart Your January! - Pukka Wholistic Turmeric

Turmeric is another ingredient that you can incorporate into your diet to help give your liver some support when it needs it most. It is touted in Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine as being hugely beneficial for digestion and calming the liver during these processes. Studies into its main component, curcumin, have shown that it helps to stimulate the gallbladder to produce bile, which the liver can then use to breakdown toxins.

You can choose to cook with turmeric powder, or an alternative is to take 1-2 a day of these Pukka turmeric extract capsules to kick-start your liver’s recovery.


Liver Cleansing and Boosting Ingredients – Dandelion Tea

Liver Cleansing and Boosting Ingredients to Jumpstart Your January! - Clipper Dandelion Tea

Another all-natural ingredient that you can rely on to help stimulate a congested liver would be dandelion. It’s another substance that helps to ensure a proper creation of bile within the gallbladder, which makes the liver’s job even easier to promote healthy digestion. Clipper makes a lovely ‘cleansing infusion’ dandelion tea – stick a box by your kettle and you’ll feel the benefit!

Liver Cleansing and Boosting Ingredients – Green Tea

Liver Cleansing and Boosting Ingredients to Jumpstart Your January! - Clipper Organic Green Tea

Another form of liquid goodness is green tea. Its health benefits is mainly down to the fact that it is rich in catechins, a type of antioxidant flavonoid. Not only do many people find that green tea in their diet improves various health issues, it has been said it is especially good for cleansing the liver. However, green tea extract, found in some supplements and weight loss pills, has shown potentially negative effects due to its extreme potency. Therefore, it’s best to stick to the tea which has a natural amount of these antioxidants – try this one by Clipper.


As well as individual ingredients or components, there are several other types of food that you may already be eating that benefit the liver and help it get back to its best condition. Citrus fruit, garlic, avocado, leafy greens, carrots and olive oil are all examples to pop in your shopping basket or reach for next time you’re preparing a meal.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a quick and easy option to cleansing your liver and promoting its functions within the body, we have specific products for this very need that are extremely easy to turn to in a pinch.

Liver Cleansing and Boosting Ingredients to Jumpstart Your January! - Terranova Liver SupportLiver Cleansing and Boosting Ingredients to Jumpstart Your January! - Renew Life Liver SupportLiver Cleansing and Boosting Ingredients to Jumpstart Your January! - Dr Stuarts Liver Detox

Terranova’s liver support complex capsules contain dandelion and turmeric which we have already mentioned as great standbys after some over-indulgence, as well as all natural ingredients including sea buckthorn and kale. Renew Life’s 30-day liver cleanse kit is another option for a more intensive liver cleanse rather than simply supplementing its functions. Finally Dr Stuart’s teas have a specific liver detox tea blend that combines milk thistle, dandelion and also the age-old remedy Centaury to ‘get it out your system’ as it says on the tin!

As always if you have any questions about our products, or want more information or advice about our herbs and oils, don’t hesitate to drop in or give us a call or email.


Baldwin’s Natural Winter Remedies

The weather is getting much colder and the coughs, colds and bugs are already making their rounds. We thought we’d get in there first and hopefully give you some advice to avoid suffering with any Winter ailments but also how to naturally treat your symptoms if you’re already an unfortunate victim!

Don’t Let Your Immunity Be Weak This Winter!

First steps first – prevention is better than cure. There are many things that can help to lower your chance of catching anything nasty. Wash your hands regularly especially before eating, eat well and exercise in order to generally stay healthy and keep your immune system tip top.

As well as the practical tips, there are some natural ingredients that are ideal for working into your Winter routines to enhance your protection.

 Natural Winter Remedies - Astragalus

Astragalus is a Chinese root which is brilliant for helping the body fight infection and boost immunity. Studies have revealed that it boosts your white blood cells – the cells that are vital in fighting infection. You can take this herbal supplement up to three times a day.

Natural Winter Remedies - Siberian Ginseng

Ginseng is another ingredient to look out for. It’s a powerful herbal plant that studies have shown can have an effect on your immune system. Try and take a dose of a supplement like this ginseng elixir as a daily booster, or you could try it in tea as a quick uplifting solution!


Natural Winter Remedies - Vitamin C

Vitamin C is probably the best known of supplements to prevent colds, or to ease their symptoms. Consumed daily, it can strengthen your body and health so you are ready to take on whatever Winter may bring. As well as helping you to avoid illness, vitamin C is also necessary to produce collagen, which helps build blood vessels, tendons and bone, produce energy in the body and also works as an antioxidant. Our tablets also contain rosehip, which aids the body’s ability to absorb the vitamins.

How to Ease your Symptoms the Natural Way

If you’ve already caught a cold, all of the above products can help to ease your symptoms and also reduce your illness time – they aren’t only for prevention. If you’re currently suffering you can seek them out for a bit of relief! As well as Vitamin C, ginseng and astragalus there are many more herbal options that can help to unblock a stuffy nose, soothe a sore throat or perk you up when you have a muddled head.

Natural Winter Remedies - Echinacea TeaNatural Winter Remedies - Echinacea TinctureNatural Winter Remedies - Echinacea Tablets

Echinacea is a very well-known herbal treatment for colds – and for good reason! Studies have shown it boosts the immune system’s ability to fight off infection as well as help to ease symptoms. Some people have found it dramatically shortens the average duration of colds and flu so it’s a good thing to look for if your symptoms have only just started. We have many products that contain echinacea, so you have plenty of options as to how you would like to take it. Dr Stuart’s Echinacea Plus tea is a quick brew to get you feeling fighting-fit again, our own echinacea tincture which is a concentrated extract of the herb, and finally there are Echinaforce tablets for the fastest form of treatment taking!

If you choose to use a tincture, we would be happy to advise the best way to take it – including amounts to take and how often. Drop us a line via our Contact page, give us a call on 020 7703 5550 or pop in to our shop!

Zinc is another winner for treating Winter snuffles. Studies have shown it can lessen cold duration just like echinacea, as well as working in the body to generally improve health by aiding skin healing and supporting the intestines. As a vital element it’s a good one to top up if you’re feeling under the weather.

Hopefully this post will have you feeling ready to take on whatever Winter will bring, or feeling that your current malady could be easier to treat than you thought. If you have any questions about other natural treatments don’t hesitate to ask! And always remember to make sure to visit your doctor for medical advice to ensure you’re ship-shape in no time.

How to Treat Headaches Naturally

Headaches can occur for a variety of reasons. You could be dehydrated, experiencing a tension headache due to muscle or eye strain, or it could be a symptom of a cold or infection. Whatever the reason behind its onset, a bad headache can be almost unbearable and completely stop you in your tracks.

Luckily there are some natural remedies that can be used to soothe the pain and irritability a headache can cause, and there are various ways you can work with oils and aromatherapy to feel relief quickly. In this blog post we’ll break down the different options to try when you feel a headache coming on, as well as the individual natural ingredients that are ideal for targeting your pain.


Methods for Treating Headaches

Create a massage solution for topical application

There are some headache products on the medical market which involve applying a solution across your forehead to try and combat headache pain. You can replicate this using an all-natural recipe which can be combined with gentle massage on pain points (try your temples, back of your neck or sinus area) to ease the ache. If you’re creating a solution to apply directly to the skin, make sure you use a carrier oil as undiluted oils can be irritating to the skin. We have a wide range of options here ranging from almond to wheatgerm! A 2% dilution is a good guide for adults, and 1% for children due to their very sensitive skin.

How To Treat Headaches Naturally - Organic Sweet Almond OilHow To Treat Headaches Naturally - Wheatgerm Oil

Room diffusion using essential oils

How To Treat Headaches Naturally - Oil Diffusion

Using an oil burner, you can scent your room to create a relaxing and calming atmosphere to help take the edge off your headache. Just put some drops in a burner like the Verdant oil burner above – the large bowl means that your oil is heated evenly and ignites the delightful smell.

Tissue diffusion for on the go treatment

If you like the idea of the scent of essential oils working to treat your pain, you can take the idea of room diffusion on the go by scenting tissues or a handkerchief with the blend of your choice so you can transport your treatment. Check out our list of recommended blends and oils below once you have decided which method is best for you.

Natural Ingredients for Treating Headaches

How To Treat Headaches Naturally - Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint is a great choice if you are feeling the damaging effects of a headache. It is naturally simultaneously cooling and stimulating, so it will calm your tension but also enable you to get back up and go after you have recovered.

How To Treat Headaches Naturally - valerian root essential oil

Valerian is another essential oil option to reach for. With natural sedative properties, it is ideal for soothing a headache as well as any muscular or tension pain that can often come hand in hand with a banging head!

How To Treat Headaches Naturally - Lavender essential oil

Lavender, possibly the most reliable of all essential oils, is excellent for this amongst many other things! The calming scent will help to relax your tension upon inhaling and contribute to reducing headache pain caused by stress and anxiety.

Our specialists will be happy to guide you select products to relieve the symptoms of headaches but if you are suffering from regular or extremely painful headaches or migraines, please visit a doctor for medical advice.




Movember Giveaway: Free Shaving Oil

In order to recognise the commitment of all those taking part in Movember this year, we are giving away free bottles of our Green Tea & Frankincense smoothing shaving oil.

Whether you want to use the oil to style your facial hair during the month or to get a clean shave on 1st December, you can take advantage of this offer by entering your details on the contact us page.

Simply follow the link below and tell us your name, email and postal address in the contact form. If you would like to share your Movember page and some photos of your progress we will happily promote your charity page on social media.


Enter Our Movember Giveaway Here


We only have 75 bottles to give away so make sure you and your friends enter quickly to avoid disappointment!



If you are looking to pamper yourself during November or trying to find the perfect present for December feel free to check out the full mens grooming collection.


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Hair & Skin Chart – Natural Ingredients To Suit Your Type

We’ve got a great little guide to natural products for you this week.
We’ve set this out in relation to your Hair & Skin type.

So now you can find out exactly what the best carrier oil is for dry hair and precisely which essential oils or herbs to use for your skin type!
We hope it helps, especially in the Autumn weather.










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Natural Ways To Aid Sleep

Many people will experience sleep issues at some point in their lives. Sometimes it is easy to tell what is causing restless nights – it could be due to stress, being ill, or a change in environment or routine, and your body and mind just need a helping hand to relax. If this is the case, there are plenty of herbal, organic and natural methods you can look into to ease yourself back into regular nights of deep sleep.

A Calming Cuppa

Natural Ways To Aid Sleep - A Calming Cuppa

Many people head straight to the kettle if they need a moment’s relaxation – but while it can provide a useful break in the middle of a long day, a cup of tea can also be ideal a few hours before bed to get your body to prepare for sleep. There are plenty of blends that are perfect for a night-time hot drink. Look out for chamomile, which contributes to reducing anxiety and is naturally caffeine free. Some blends make specific ‘sleep’ blends or infusions – such as Dr Stuart’s or Clipper. Keep a box by the kettle and make your night-time tea part of your nightly routine to encourage your brain and body to begin winding down before you hit the hay. You can find the above four blends and all of our teas here.


Bath before Bed

Natural Ways To Aid Sleep - A Bath Before Bed

Just as a hot drink can induce feelings of calmness and serenity, a hot bath as part of your before-bed routine can work wonders in setting you up for a deep sleep. This can be enhanced by incorporating different herbal ingredients in your bathroom products. As we’ve already mentioned, chamomile is a great one to look out for due to its calming effects, and lavender is another herb that is famous for its restful properties. Weleda’s Lavender Relaxing Bath Milk is great to pour into your bath, as is our own Soothing Bath Oil from our Synergy range. Light one of our Lavender and Chamomile aroma candles for your soak in the tub and you’ll emerge from the bathroom more than ready for your forty winks.


Sleep Easy Supplements

Natural Ways To Aid Sleep - Sleep Easy Supplements


Valerian is a herbal medicine that has been linked to aiding sleep, as well as reducing mild anxiety and stress symptoms. Taken in capsules or drops, it has been recommended for those who are struggling to get some solid shut-eye as a natural alternative to sleeping pills. You can find all our valerian products here – and there is plenty of choice as to how you can take it. Available in power, root, capsule, oil or tincture form, as well as combined into a tea blend, you can find a way to incorporated it into your daily routine before bed. If you’re unsure on which option would be best for you, or indeed how to use essential oils, roots, powders or tinctures, we would be more than happy to advise – send us a message on Twitter or Facebook or give us a call!

Natural Ways To Aid Sleep - Sleep Easy Herbs

Eat Well, Sleep Well

 Natural Ways To Aid Sleep - Eat Well, Sleep Well

Finally, your diet can also have a huge impact on the quality of your sleep. In order to get a restful night, foods that have high levels of tryptophan are ideal. In the body, tryptophan can contribute to the creation of serotonin – a brain chemical which encourages rest and relaxation. Choose oats, peanuts, bananas and poultry for this effect.

Seeds are another great choice for a basket full of snooze foods. High in magnesium, they work to prevent insomnia. Other magnesium-rich foods include spinach, fish and wholegrains.

Finally, foods high in calcium also contribute to aiding sleep, this time via melatonin – another naturally occurring substance that encourages restfulness. The old ‘warm glass of milk before bed’ wives’ tale has more evidence than you might have thought!