4 Easy Ways to Avoid Getting Bitten

It’s the summer. Thank goodness for that.


Those awfully dark winter days are but a distant memory, a bad dream that may or may not have been real. However, amongst the warm, balmy evenings and lazy afternoons there lays a threat.

Or rather, there flies a threat. In the form of buzzing, biting, blood-sucking things, eager to nibble you at any opportunity. For the warm and wonderful weather, this is a small price to pay, but it is nevertheless a bit of a pain (or itch) in the neck. 

That’s not to say that there aren’t sprays and lotions that you can buy in the shops to deal with these airborne marauders, but if you’re wary of dousing your precious skin in toxic chemicals, finding a natural solution can be hard.

As will many things in life, if you want something done properly it’s best to do it yourself - and fighting back against mosquitoes and other night-time nasties is no exception. So with this in mind, here are four easy natural ways to arm yourself against the would-be saboteurs of summertime.


Clove and Thyme Scrub 

We know what you’re thinking. Why on earth am I supposed to be rubbing myself with roast dinner ingredients? A fair question to ask. But, these two handy herbs help to hide your delicious blood from the noses of mosquitos by masking your scent. 

Just mix a few drops of clove leaf essential oil and thyme essential oil together into a small bowl of water. Soak a cloth in the mixture and apply to any areas that are likely to be exposed to insects.


Peppermint and Lemon Spray

Peppermint and lemon essential oils really split opinions between humans and mosquitoes. To the former, they are two delicious smelling substances that are used to invigorate and freshen a room when added to a diffuser. To the latter camp, they are repulsive (literally), and will banish any blood sucking beasties that happen to be nearby.

This is clearly a double win for us humans, as we get to enjoy a fresh smelling room without the worry of getting eaten alive.

Just combine 8 drops of lemon essential oil and peppermint essential oil together in a spray bottle filled with water. Et voila.


Citronella Candle

This is a staple when it comes to natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes. And the best part is that it doesn’t require you to douse yourself in oils.

However, if you do choose to douse yourself in oils, you can always light a citronella candle as well and enjoy a double layer of defense from the thirsty nocturnal itch-bringers. 

Sounds good? You can pick up a citronella candle right here.


Eucalyptus and Basil Rub

Favoured by Australia’s famous clinging bears, eucalyptus has a very distinctive, earthy scent and can often be found puffing out of diffusers in homes around the UK in the form of an essential oil.

A key property of this lovely scented oil is that it disagrees with mosquitoes, and when combined with basil oil, creates a masking scent which makes it harder for them to detect human blood. Very useful stuff.

Just mix 4 drops of each into a small dish with 50ml of water and mix together before rubbing on any exposed flesh.




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