The Baldwins Herb Map Of Africa - Download & Share

Welcome to Africa!

Birthplace of Man-(and Woman)-Kind! The second largest continent on Earth, Over 11 MILLION square miles and over 1 BILLION people!

Africa has such a huge variety of geography, flora, fauna and people that make it one of the most fascinating mix of cultures and traditions stretching back over 150, 000 years of evolution.

With the culture of folk medicine, cooking and the incredible array of native plants Africa is truly a jewel of wealth when it comes to herbs.

Thyme, a hardy drought resistant plant, grows in the dry landscapes of Western Sahara.

The Democratic Republic of Congo with 80 Inches of rain a year, the highest frequency of thunderstorms anywhere in the world and the second largest rainforest after the Amazon, The Congo Rainforest, alone holds more plant life than any other African Country.

We find Devil’s Claw, one of our best selling herbs, used in the treatment of pain from both Osteoarthritis and Rheumatoid Arthritis growing in Nimibia and the deserts of the Kalahari.

Somalia in East Africa, known by many as the birthplace of modern humans, has the beautiful gums & resins of opoponax, Myrrh & Frankincense.

The island of Madagascar, off the Eastern Coast of Africa is far too rich with unique species of herbs, trees and animals to even begin to discuss.

Many people are searching these places for the natural beginnings of cures for all sorts of diseases and health problems.

Check out our beautiful Herb Map Of Africa for more treasures and share with people who you think will find this continent as incredible, diverse and wonderful as we at Baldwins do!

Baldwins Herb Map Of Africa - Download And Share

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