Movember 2014 - A Guide To Using A Straight Razor

With Movember soon to get underway, men (and their Mo Sistas) around the world are going to be helping to raise awareness of men’s health issues by growing out their facial hair.

With over 4 million moustaches nurtured since the beginning of the scheme, the long-forgotten art of using a straight razor has recently seen a renaissance.

The straight razor can help you style your nose neighbour or simply free your face from follicle confinement: here is our guide of how best to use it.

Whilst a modern safety razor offers ease there are a number of advantages to using a straight razor:

  1. A superior shave – Safety razors blunt after roughly 14 uses compared to six months for straight razors. A sharper blade will mean a closer shave.
  2. Save money – Whilst the initial outlay will be about £100, you will save money by not needing to buy replacement blades.
  3. The joy of learning a new skill – Using a straight razor is a real art form. Whilst it will take a little longer than your old razor, the shave will be closer and more enjoyable.

A Guide To Using A Straight Razor

How to sharpen your razor

  1. Lubricate the whetstone
  2. Lay the whetstone on a flat surface with the coarse side facing upwards
  3. Place the blade flat on the stone
  4. Move the blade side to side to sharpen
  5. Turn the blade over and repeat
  6. Aim for 8 strokes on each side

A Guide To Using A Straight Razor

Holding your Razor

Whilst there are different schools of thought on the best grip, this illustration demonstrates the recommended grip for beginners. Simply rest your first three fingers on the back of the blade and support the razor with your pinkie and your thumb. You may want to alter your grip as you go around your face so be prepared to adapt your grip as you hone your own technique.

A Guide To Using A Straight Razor

The Shave

There are certain rules to obey to ensure you get a close shave with your straight razor.

  • Make sure to perform slow, even strokes which follow the direction of hair growth.
  • As long as your razor is sharp you shouldn’t have to apply too much pressure.
  • Make sure the skin is pulled tight whenever you make a stroke.
  • Make sure to reapply shaving oil or cream if you want to do multiple passes. This will keep your face lubricated and avoid irritation.

The only additional consideration with a straight razor is whether or not you wish to become an ambidextrous shaver. Many people find it easier to switch hands when swapping cheeks but this is simply a matter of taste.

Of course it would be remiss of us not to mention our male grooming range at this point! Our range of products can help men at all stages of the shave. You can see the all the products on our dedicated page but here is a selection of our favourites

A Guide To Using A Straight Razor - Men's Shaving Products

A Movember Glossary

The final step in preparing for Movember is ensuring you know how to refer to your facial hair when asked. Here is our quick guide for the best colloquialisms:

- Best Friend

- Bristle Batons

- Bro-merang

- Bro-stache

- Caterpillar

- Crumb catcher

- Dirt Squirrel

- Face Fitting

- Face Furniture

- Flavour Savour

- Grass Grin

- Handlebars

- Lip Doily

- Lip Foliage

- Lip Sweater

- Mr. Tickler

- Nose Neighbour

- Snot Mop

- Snail Trail

- Tea/Soup Strainer

- Whiskers

To all those taking part this year…GOOD LUCK!

Movember Shaving People

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