Can’t beet it: how beetroot juice boosts body and mind

Here at Baldwins, we’ve noticed a surge in sales of beetroot juice. The reason for this purple patch? Fresh science-backed revelations that beetroot juice is an easy biohack to improve your mind, your body and even – whisper it – your experience in the bedroom. Just keep it away from your favourite white top.

So what makes beetroot juice so special? Well, for starters it’s bursting with nitrates. Your body converts these nitrates into nitric acid, which promotes cell oxygenation and improves blood flow. Let’s have a quick look at how a regular slurp of the purple stuff can boost mind, body and more.





Beets for brains: cognitive benefits of beetroot juice

Forget about street smarts, it’s time to try beet smarts. Studies have shown that the nitric oxide-signalling induced by beetroot juice can improve cerebrovascular health and play a role in supporting the regions of your brain responsible for language, learning and advanced decision-making. In short: your grey matter loves purple beets.

Next time you are working on a big project – or even a small one – and you’re struggling for focus and mental clarity, reach for a refreshing glass of beetroot, hibiscus and mint iced tea. Tasty, tangy and probiotic too. The ingredients below will make a number of servings. Just add the ingredients to a pitcher and leave to stew in the fridge overnight, then remove the teabags and strain in the morning. You don’t even need to boil the water! Serve ice cold.

Beets for athletes: athletic benefits of beetroot juice

We’ve all had those days where we feel a little sluggish. Like your body’s handbrake isn’t fully released. And trying to stick with your exercise habits on those days can be a struggle. Step forward, beetroot juice – which has been shown to improve performance, endurance and cardiovascular responses during exercise. Bottom line: when you beetroot, you can beat PBs too.

To get your juices flowing pre-workout – or to recover tired muscles post-workout – try this beetroot and chocolate smoothie. It tastes great and is loaded with protein and healthy fats not to mention a generous dollop of vitamins and minerals. Simply grab your ingredients and whizz in the blender for 60 seconds. Simple.

Beets under the sheets: sexual benefits of beetroot juice

How about a little support from Mother Nature when it comes to the old how’s-your-father? Beetroot juice stimulates blood flow to all the right areas, leading to a more…robust performance from gentlemen and a more sensual experience for ladies. Beetroot juice is also a fabulous source of a mineral called boron, which is directly related to the production of hanky-panky hormones. Now you know why the Ancient Romans used beetroots as an aphrodisiac.

Next date night, make like Julius Caesar himself and rustle up a tasty beetroot-based beverage for you and your special someone. Add the ingredients below to a blender and whizz for one minute. Then pour into glasses adorned with a slice of orange on the rim for a mocktail befitting of an emperor or empress.

How Baldwins can help

As well as our veggie-friendly beetroot capsules, we stock some tasty, all-natural beetroot juices that are easy on the wallet and suitable for a swig per day. Added bonus? Beetroot juice can be used as a natural dye. For fun fabrics that are better by nature. Enjoy!    

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