It is important to choose the right type of incense. One of the main mistakes made by people looking for incense is to select a synthetic type. These are generally called “hand dipped” or “double dipped” which means a blank incense stick has been dipped into a container of cutting agent and synthetic fragrance. These types of incense sticks are not genuine and have been known to cause headaches. Instead, choose imported brands from India, Tibet or Nepal because generally these are made from just spices and are examples of the genuine product.

Choosing a fragrance is the next important step and this should be done based on what mood you are in or what mood you are looking to create. For example lavender is perfect for “de-stressing” and relaxing. As well as jasmine and violet it is also good for helping to induce sleep. When incense is used during a meditation, it can be very powerful indeed. Myrhh, orange and lemon fragrances are good for restoring energy. Rather than heading for an energy drink or cup of coffee, burning incense is a great way to get a boost in a natural way. A brief walk will also help restore energy levels.

Ylang Ylang is good for helping combat depression and jet lag too. Patchouli is believed to act as an aphrodisiac and can also work well outside as it repels insects and bugs. That makes it a good smell to have lingering when enjoying an evening outside to encourage the mosquitos to leave you in peace. Cinnamon can help aid memory and also physical energy and frankincense is a good fragrance to use when contemplating life and the universe. It is good to use during meditation and can help promote grounding.

Once you know the basics of incense, you can experiment with different fragrances and scents and have fun seeing which ones you like or don’t like. Incense can be a powerful mood enhancer and well worth trying out. Have you got any tips regarding choosing the right incense?

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