Plastic pollution: Four ways Baldwins helps you do better by nature

New year, new you. And if - like many of us - one of your resolutions for 2021 is to use less plastic, Baldwins has you covered.

Not so fantastic plastic    

We all know that overuse of plastic is putting a massive strain on the environment. In some ways plastic is a manufacturing success story that’s simply run out of control. After all, plastic is cheap. It’s convenient. It’s flexible. It’s effective. And it’s incredibly resilient. And this resilience is where the main problem lies.

Plastic takes hundreds of years to break down. A single plastic bag can last for a millennium. Mind-boggling, right? Unfortunately, the throwaway culture of mass consumerism has led to a recycling issue. There are over 120 billion plastic units created per year globally. And a shocking 91% of that isn’t being recycled.

In lieu of recycling, some 8 million pieces of plastic are finding their way into our oceans – every day. It’s killing sea life, threatening ecosystems and blighting beaches. All over the world. You don’t need to perform the most strenuous mental gymnastics to realise we have a big problem with plastic. And the more we all do to tackle the problem, the better it is for Mother Nature.

Here are four ways Baldwins can help you reduce your use of plastic.


1. Shampoo that’s cleaning up the sea

A couple of years ago, Laughing Bird Body Care – stocked by Baldwins – pioneered a revolutionary anti-plastic shampoo. Sold in bar form instead of a plastic bottle, it’s cleaning up the sea as well as nourishing people’s hair. When we told the story about Laughing Bird’s brilliant work, our video shot on the dramatic coastlines of North Wales, their shampoo became one of our best sellers.

Now there are dozens of brands following Laughing Bird’s flightpath. Sales in the cosmetics bar category have grown 150% year on year. And beauty behemoth Garnier has recently launched their foray into the shampoo bar market. The trend is here to stay. Take a look at Laughing Bird’s Eucalyptus & Lemongrass Shampoo Bar or our fantastically fruity Tropical Coconut Shampoo Soap.

2. Go with glass for bathroom class

For less than a couple of pounds a pop, our range of glass bottles and jars bring an extra touch of style to your bathroom while allowing you to create your own cosmetic products at home. Our bottles come with a range of topper options including dropper inserts, plain screw caps, pipettes, atomisers and pumps.




3. Celebrate a different type of film star

From achranthes root to yarrow powder, we sell hundreds of medicinal herbs, roots and powders to help soothe ailments and live better by nature. And the packaging that our herbs come in is now made from 100% compostable film, with compostable labels and an eco-friendly adhesive. So when you’re done, you can just pop the packaging in your food waste bin or add it to your compost heap. That’s better.



4. Stylish totes – if that’s your bag

Being that little bit kinder to Mother Nature helps you carry yourself with a clear conscience. And you can carry your shopping with a clear conscience too thanks to our smashing tote bags. Strong, spacious and - dare we say it - stylish, choose from natural cloth or natural cotton materials. Either way you won’t pay more than £2.35 + delivery. Bargain! Say sayonara to plastic shopping bags, without breaking the bank.

Thanks for reading! And don’t forget to watch Laughing Bird’s story.



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