Romantic Massage Ideas: Five Ways to Treat Your Special Someone

Searching for romantic massage ideas can be something of a minefield. But when you are looking to give your special someone a treat that shows how much they mean to you, it really does pay to keep things classic. After all, a good massage is about so much more than the massage itself. The good news is that the world of aromatherapy can help you set an irresistibly amorous ambience. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we asked aromatherapy and skincare expert Jo Manchester for her favourite natural romantic massage ideas. Her picks make it easy to provide TLC that’s fit for your VIP.

  1. Scatter some rose petals

Simple, classic and a beautiful way to set the scene for your massage. A scattering of rose petals is achingly romantic and an almost effortless way to show your objet d’amour that they are in for a special treat. Sure to have you coming out of Valentine’s Day smelling of roses.

  1. Fill the air with romance

Naming your product after the Greek god of love suggests nothing if not total confidence in its ability to set a certain ambience. Eros mist is a room spray that taps into the therapeutic power of balsam, elder, holy thorn and rose alba to promote feelings of relaxation, sensuality and tenderness. Spritz around your room pre-massage and let the romance commence. Love is – quite literally – in the air.

  1. A simple and skin-nourishing massage oil

They say the course of true love never runs smooth. But one thing that will be smooth is your sweetheart’s skin after a splash of cold-pressed passion seed oil*. Utilising the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities of the passion flower’s seeds, passion seed oil is a skin-healer that’s highly moisturising and can also help to relieve joint pain. Combine with a simple carrier oil like sweet almond oil or Baldwins richer massage oil base and you’re in for a relaxing, restorative massage that your special someone won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

  1. Essential oils for love

Whisper it, but sandalwood is a known natural aphrodisiac. So when you are searching for essential oils for love, you could worse than splashing a few generous dollops of sandalwood essential oil into your diffuser or adding some to your massage oil. Gorgeous.

  1. Set a relaxing tone with incense sticks

If essential oils aren’t your thing, an alternative way to use aromatherapy for a relaxing ambience is to burn a little incense. Baldwin’s lavender incense sticks are made using pure lavender, geranium and bergamot essential oils and will promote a backdrop that’s captivatingly calm.

* Always assess suitability of essential oils before proceeding

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The tips above were devised by Jo Manchester. She’s the aromatherapy and skincare specialist behind Joanna Naturals, an award-winning vegan skincare brand that uses plant-based ingredients to nourish and protect the skin. You can browse her amazing range on our website.

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