Most of us worry about getting older, but you should remember that we get better, not older! For some practical advice on how to stay feeling young and living a long and happy life, follow these top tips.

Think Young
This is often surprising to some people when they hear that thinking young actually makes you look and feel younger. When you think young you are more likely to change your hair cut or buy some new clothes and simple acts like these can really make a difference.

Take Herbs
Many herbs have great health benefits. Chinese herbs in particular exert many positive benefits on the body. Try chrysanthemum (Ju hua) to promote cardio-vascular function and schizandra (Wu wei zi) because it is rich in minerals, vitamins and essential oils.

Enjoy Antioxidants
The best antioxidants come from berries, dark chocolate, salmon and green tea. Make sure you enjoy these foods as part of your weekly diet. The antioxidants may help to reduce the risk of illnesses and diseases like cancer and heart disease. They will also prevent diabetes.

Get more Exercise
This is always on the list of tips for feeling better, looking better and being better. There is a reason for this – it works. Those who exercise regularly have more energy, better health and are often happier overall too. Choose something simple like a power walk each morning or find a class in your local area.

Take Magnesium
Magnesium is an important mineral for the body but is often in short supply. Take a supplement of magnesium regularly to improve your bone and brain health. It is also beneficial for the heart.

These are just a few ideas on how you can live longer, feel younger and be happier. There are plenty of other ways you can improve your life. Drinking more water, socialising more, eating more vegetables and getting more sleep are all important too.

If you have any ideas on how to live a longer and happier life, send them in to us here at Baldwins.

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