Herbal Sleep Remedies which Prove that if You Snooze, You DON'T Lose

Sleep is nature’s way of helping you recover and refresh. But, with many of us going back to work and school after our long, lovely Summer holidays, September can be one of the most stressful (and, therefore, sleep-deprived!) times of year. But, rest easy; help is at hand. We spoke to Baldwins supplier Helen Lowe, founder of Laughing Bird Body Care, to hear her best herbal sleep remedies.

If you snooze, you lose? Nonsense! There’s nothing quite like the frustration of tossing and turning in your bed, then feeling all foggy and groggy the next day. The good news is that you can enjoy a healthier night’s sleep completely naturally.

Baldwins supplier, Helen Lowe from Laughing Bird Body Care shared five simple ideas, each one designed to help you boost the quality of your shut-eye and catch more Zs. Once you’ve rustled up one of Helen’s remedies, you’ll find the others are so simple, you could make them in your sleep.

Herbal pillow drops

Have you heard of vetiver oil? It’s the secret ingredient in an ingenious elixir that will help to quell insomnia and send you off to the land of nod post-haste. Take a 10ml dropper bottle and combine 6ml of lavender essential oil with 3ml of chamomile and 1ml of vetiver. Shake it, shake it, splash a few drops onto a cloth and tuck it under your pillowcase. Hey presto, happy sleeps.

A herbal tea for beauty sleep

What if you could slurp your way to sleep? With TLC in a mug of tea, you can. Helen recommends mixing equal measures of chamomile and lemon balm herbs into a jar or paper bag. Then infuse one heaped teaspoon in approximately 200ml (a mug) of boiling water for 5 minutes, strain and enjoy. Kettle on, drink up, doze off.

A restorative bath

When it comes to its restorative properties, magnesium sulphate is worth its salt. Yes, Epsom salts are renowned for their restorative properties – including relaxing aching muscles. Sounds like a precursor to a great night’s sleep to us! Just add a couple of handfuls of Epsom salt and 15 drops of lavender essential oil to a hot bath. Make sure you add the lavender oil after the bath is run, warns Helen, otherwise the oils will evaporate before you get slide in.

Ease stiff joints with massage oil

It’s hard to get comfy and cosy in bed when your body feels like it’s tied in knots. To ease stiff joints and sore bits, try this massage oil and prepare for a soothing sleep. Blend equal parts of comfrey oil, arnica oil and calendula oil, rub it into the affected areas and wait for Mother Nature to work her magic.

Helen's Story:  

The tips above were devised by Helen Lowe, wellness expert and trusted Baldwins supplier. Helen is the eco-conscious founder of Laughing Bird Body Care, a company making products that are as good for your skin as they are for your conscience.

You really should watch our short video – shot on the beautiful Welsh coast – about Helen’s astounding anti-plastic shampoo: a product that’s cleaning the sea as well as nourishing people’s hair.

More Tips and Remedies:

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