Blood Cleansing Herbs: Five of Nature’s Most Nourishing

Cash in on the power of blood cleansing herbs to keep your body ticking over nicely. Yes, nature’s larder is bursting with goodies that help with everything from problem skin to toxin elimination. But which blood cleansing herbs pack the most punch? Here are five of nature’s finest...Your body will thank your eyes for reading.

‘Blood cleansing’ herbs, or something better?

Let’s get one thing straight. ‘Blood cleansing’ is a misleading term - an old-fashioned epithet relating to the removal of toxins from the body. In the days of yore, certain herbs earned a reputation as blood cleansers because they were used medicinally to improve blood circulation and remove toxins.

And yet in today’s society, words such as ‘detox’ and ‘cleanse’ are sometimes scoffed at. Largely thanks to fad diets and cynical marketing. So perhaps it’s better to think of blood cleansing herbs less as some mythical, mystical antidotes, and more in terms of how they can support your body’s natural processes to build a stronger foundation of health.

Better by nature…

Your body is a miracle of engineering. Every single second, complex chemical reactions, across numerous bodily systems, are taking place to keep you alive and well. Supporting these systems helps your body perform at its best. And that’s where herbal supplements come in.

Ever felt sluggish on a Monday morning? From digesting food and absorbing nutrients to removing toxins and tackling viruses, your body has countless tasks to perform - day in, day out. It’s no wonder your body gets tired sometimes, is it? A little herbal support can help to keep things efficient.

Here are five herbs to give your body a helping hand.

Nettle - more friend than foe

Much maligned thanks to childhood encounters with the prickly plant, the common nettle is actually more friend than foe. It has been used throughout history to flush the joints of inflammatory acidic compounds, reduce arthritic pain and boost skin clarity. Try making your own nettle tea to take the sting out of your symptoms.

Burdock root - support your liver

Want to know what your liver loves? Burdock root. And as the organ responsible for removing toxins from your body, it’s a good idea to give your liver what it wants. Burdock root also contains anti-inflammatory compounds called lignans, which are great for bringing more clarity to your skin and tackling conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Oh, and we’re not done yet. This herb may as well come with its own cape, because it’s prebiotic too, helping to support the good bacteria in your gut. 

Blood-Cleansing Herbs

Red clover - a lymphatic lift

While it has traditionally been used to ease skin swelling, red clover can also be called upon to improve lymphatic flow, which removes waste, toxins and dead cell debris from your body. 

Cleavers - filter toxins

No, not that kind - nobody should have a taste that sharp. The cleaver herb is used to flush the kidneys and lymphatic system, relieve swollen glands, ease urinary conditions and improve problem skin. Much better.

Violets - vim and vitality

The lymphatic system plays such a crucial role in removing all sorts of bad stuff from your body: cell waste and toxins. Here is another herb that gives your lymphatic system a little support. Added bonus? Violets taste delicious and are great in tea.

Get Mother Nature on your side…

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