Five Expert-Tried-and-Trusted Herbal Remedies for Hay Fever

Yes, herbal remedies for hay fever exist. Yes, they can ease your symptoms. Here are five ways Mother Nature can help you give hay fever the heave ho. Because nobody wants to spend their summer wheezing, sneezing and rubbing their eyes raw. It’s time to fight nature with nature.

Dried nettles

A daily dose of nettle tea can take the sting out of your hay fever symptoms. Thank the anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties of this much-maligned herb. Reducing the amount of histamine in your body helps to reduce those adverse reactions such as the sneeze, the sniff and the sandpaper eyes.

Dried chamomile and elderflower

Speaking of the dreaded itchy eyes, reach for the chamomile and elderflower when you’re in search of something soothing. Soak a sterile cloth in a cooled infusion of these natural herbs and hold on to the outside of your eyes and let the anti-histamine properties get to work. Elderflower also acts as a decongestant for the nose and throat.

Reishi mushroom supplements

Not only does this wonder-mushroom offer both anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory properties, Reishi mushroom capsules also address the root cause of hay fever symptoms - an imbalanced immune system - with immune-modulating polysaccharides that help to reduce the over-reactiveness of your immune response.

Herbal Remedies for Hay FeverA diverse selection of fruit and veg

One of the reasons that reishi mushrooms are so powerful? They’re bursting with vitamin C. And you know where to find vitamin C, don’t you? So while you’ve heard it a million times, it really is important to eat plenty of fresh fruit and veg to support the balance of your immune system. Mix it up. Eat colourfully (or try our multi-vitamin capsules!)

Burdock root

The histamine response triggered by hay fever puts pressure on your liver too. Give it some support with liver-loving herbs like burdock root, dandelion root and artichoke leaves.



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