Stream2Sea reef safe Sunscreen

Aquaholics and Sun-seekers, Baldwins are really pleased to introduce the Stream2Sea range of No Coral Damage SPF30 Sunscreens, designed to be Reef Safe to protect vulnerable coral reefs throughout the seven seas.

And not a moment too soon - every year over 4,000 tons of sunblock gets washed into our oceans*. We’ll admit it, the ocean is unimaginably huge but with  90% of dive and snorkeling trips happening at the top 10% of the world’s coral locations, our choices matter. If it’s on your skin, it’s on the reef, and that’s bad news for one of nature’s most bio-diverse environments (home sweet home to over a million different species of life).

The active ingredients in normal sunscreens are toxic to some reef fish species and can make coral sick which is leading to the bleaching of the rainbow colours beneath the waves. Stream2Sea sun screens are the only mineral sun screen 100% proven to be completely reef safe, and as effective as any other sun screen in blocking the harmful effects of UV light on our skin. They’re safe for you, your family, the water and all aquatic animals – a totally harmless product that comes in EcoConscious sugarcane resin packaging too – a total solution to the devastating problem of coral reef extinction. Meaning you, and all your fish friends can just keep swimming.

So really, this isn’t a choice; this is an obligation. We can all make a difference without even noticing we’re being better humans. As Stream2Sea say – Together, we are doing better. So: slip, slap, slop – and smile.

What are you waiting for? Come on in - the water’s lovely.


Stream2Sea Product image


* Source: US National Park Service