Internal spring clean: five wellness essentials after life in lockdown

As restrictions ease and the days get brighter, spring has arrived with a sprinkle of liberation. But to really enjoy life outside, we need to be ready on the inside. Let’s explore how Mother Nature’s remedies can get your body set to recommit to your exercise, nutrition and wellness goals – so you can blossom in the sunshine.

It’s all about you: feel better by nature

As restrictions gently ease in the UK, more people are choosing to make wellness a priority – setting new ambitions for exercise, nutrition and contentedness. But while the improving weather and lifting of restrictions makes it easier to enjoy what’s outside, we all know that feeling better starts on the inside.

To kick start a spring clean for mind and body, we have curated a short list of natural cleansers. Made by Mother Nature, each item on our list is easy to add to your daily schedule and perfect for blowing away some of the lockdown cobwebs. So you can begin to feel better by nature.


calendula oil

Supporting your immune function in the springtime sun

From the moors to the shores, the UK is endowed with some beautiful outdoor spots. As we step outside and begin to mix with more people, Calendula Complex offers an easy way to give your immune system a little support – with proven antiviral, antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Add 10-20 drops of this tincture to water, twice daily.

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total cleanse complex

Revitalising the female mind and body

Lockdown has affected everyone; often in very different ways. We have all had individual challenges to adjust to. But one thing that seems apparent, according to new research, is that during lockdown women are more likely than men to have experienced increased stress, poor sleep quality, weight changes and broken exercise habits. Even Zoom fatigue – yes, that’s officially a thing now – is worse for women than men.

One theory is that a greater proportion of women work in sectors hit hardest by the pandemic – such as the arts, hospitality, retail, leisure and tourism. But what’s clear is that stress, poor nutrition and loss of sleep can wreak havoc with wellbeing. Restore balance with this powerful cleansing complex. Uniquely formulated for women, it’s a nourishing mix of essential vitamins and minerals, whole-food nutrients, amino acids and herbs – designed to revitalise body and mind from the inside out.

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milk thistle

Lending a hand to your liver

Reaching for that extra glass of wine has been an understandable temptation during lockdown. But there are obvious risks. Even mild loss of liver function can impact energy levels, nutrient absorption and immune response.

Long touted as a natural liver tonic, the protective benefits of milk thistle are now backed by science. Consider adding a few drops of our milk thistle tincture to a glass of water each day.

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Conquering your springtime workouts

golden greens organic green passion powder

With the days getting brighter, lighter and longer, lots of people are setting new exercise goals – eager to make up for reduced activity levels during lockdown. But if you haven’t been fuelling your body properly, those workouts are going to feel like an almighty slog.

Here with a much-needed jolt of nutrients is a powdered blend of organic spirulina, alfalfa, barley grass, wheatgrass, kelp and chlorella. It’s bursting with B vitamins, iron and calcium to reduce fatigue and promote energy. Perfect for adding to water or your favourite smoothies pre or post workout to provide all the greens you need in one go. Now let’s get those trainers laced up.

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kiki health zeolite with activated charcoalBreathing easier in the great outdoors

You know what they say: fresh air will do you good. But the fresh air isn’t always as fresh as you think it is. That’s especially true if you live in an urban area. Day in, day out, many of us are exposed to pollutants from road traffic, factories and other sources. In excess this can cause a wide range of health problems while exacerbating existing conditions such as asthma and eczema.

Activated charcoal has proven toxin-binding properties, trapping potentially harmful particles and preventing them being absorbed by your body. It’s also thought to help your body process toxins by supporting kidney function. Just stir one heaped teaspoon of activated charcoal into a glass of water twice a day. You can also mix activated charcoal with coconut oil to make your own skin cleansing face mask.

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Over to you…!

The opportunity to get back out there this spring is exciting. But it’s important to remember to be guided by what you feel comfortable with personally. As restrictions ease, you may wish to go more tentatively than other people in terms of changing your habits. Listen to yourself, listen to your body and remember that whatever you choose, we are here to support your wellness journey and help you feel better by nature.

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