Ward Away Winter: Four Natural Remedies for Dry Skin

Central heating and winter weather can do a number on your skin. The cheek-reddening chill outside. The icy winds whipping your features. The dry hot air inside your home. It all adds up to skin that can easily become dull, dry, red and uncomfortable. We asked eco-skincare pioneer Helen Lowe for four natural remedies to keep your skin hydrated, happy and healthy as the temperatures tumble. 

Face up to winter with Helen’s four fabulous winter skincare tips.

Hydrate the air at home with flower water

Ever wondered why your face flushes when entering a warm house? It could be because of excessive dryness. There’s nothing fun about a cold house. But when you kick the central heating into gear, it fills your home with warm air that’s incredibly dry. So much so that it can rob your skin of its natural moisture – and the effect is intensified if you have been outside in the cold and wind.

The good news is there’s a simple way to tackle the dry air of central heating, without forcing yourself to sit shivering on the sofa all evening. Placing small bowls of water mixed with rose water or orange flower water on your radiators will naturally humidify the air when your heating is on. Added bonus: your home will smell fantastic. Radiate your way back to radiance.

Promote skin repair with peppermint tea

You already know it. Good skin hydration starts from the inside. That’s why it’s so important to chug plenty of H2O. But when you fancy something a touch more flavoursome than your eighth glass of water, you should reach for the peppermint tea. They’re a natural tonic for the immune system and can set off a chain reaction that helps to calm inflammation-related skin complaints such as acne, eczema and redness. Infuse one heaped teaspoon in 200ml of boiling water for five minutes. Covering the pot while the herbs are infusing will preserve the precious oils.

Keep your skin supple with hyaluronic acid

Your body makes hyaluronic acid naturally. Over half of your reserves are found in your skin – and one of its many functions is to encourage the retention of moisture to keep your skin looking smooth and supple. Of course, we already know that winter can leave your skin feeling parched and tight. So it’s a good idea to top up your reserves of hyaluronic acid with a supplement. Simply take one capsule per day during the harsh winter season.

Stay moisturised and glowing with avocado and jojoba

When the weather outside is frightful, your skincare regime needs a little extra oomph – and that begins with moisturiser. Veer away from those that contain alcohol – which can further irritate dry winter skin – and plump for an all-natural alternative. Try mixing equal parts avocado oil and jojoba oil for a healthy DIY moisturiser that leaves your skin supple, hydrated and glowing.

What you need to know about Helen Lowe   

The tips above were devised by Helen Lowe. Helen is the eco-conscious skincare pioneer behind Laughing Bird Body Care – stocked by Baldwins – and has created a revolutionary anti-plastic shampoo that’s cleaning up the sea as well as nourishing people’s hair. See her story, shot on the beautiful coastlines of North Wales.

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