Summer Skin Care Tips: Home Remedies for Sunburn and More

Long, lazy evenings. Lip-smacking BBQs. That feeling of warm sun on your back. There are oodles of things to love about the summer. Sunburn isn’t one of them. And the less said about bug bites, the better. Fortunately, with these five natural remedies - compliments of herbalism expert Rasheeqa Ahmad - you can bask in a skin-happy sunshine season. Let’s go.

Herbal infusions to soothe sunburn

Take note of these five items. Ready? Calendula. St John’s Wort. Aloe vera. Chamomile. Green tea. To salve your sunburn, Rasheeqa recommends making a strong infusion of one or more of these herbs. Add a handful to a pot, infuse in a mugful of freshly-boiled water with a lid on for half an hour and let it cool. Then soak a sterile cloth in the infusion, squeeze it out and apply to the area to be soothed. 30 minutes and you will feel the difference. Burnt all over? Infuse one or more of these herbs in a bath, sit back and relax.

Aromatic waters to kick start the healing

When you have unintentionally given yourself the lobster look, something that feels cooling on your skin is tantamount to divine intervention. For sweet relief you should turn to aromatic waters. (Stronger than herbal teas, weaker than essential oils.) Follow Rasheeqa’s advice and aim for witch hazel, lavender or rose, which are great at soothing skin and kick starting the healing process. Fill a spray bottle with your chosen floral water, or a combination of them, and pop it in the fridge. Then spritz throughout the summer as necessary. Added bonus: your skin will smell amazing.

Lavender essential oil to give your skin a boost

Take a peek inside the bathroom cabinet of any herbal remedy fan. You’ll likely spot at least one or two essential oils. They’re a staple when it comes to natural wellbeing. And they can be used for all sorts of aches, pains and ailments - including sunburn. Rasheeqa recommends blending lavender essential oil with honey and apple cider vinegar. Get mixing and you will see why.

Nettle tea after an unfortunate insect encounter

Insects: nobody’s favourite picnic guest. Especially when things get physical. If you are on the receiving end of a bite or sting, be sure to drink plenty of nettle tea. It will calm your body’s histamine response. Because nothing should get in the way of your halloumi and hummus.

Essential oils to ward off bugs

Of course, prevention is better than cure. You can ward off summer critters (and their mandibles) with essential oils like citronella, cedarwood atlas and peppermint - blended with carrier oils such as sweet almond. Alternatively spritz your skin with a strong infusion of herb robert.

More about Rasheeqa…

These summer skin tips were devised by Rasheeqa Ahmad, herbal expert and Baldwins collaborator. Currently, Rasheeqa is busy transforming an unloved patch of land in Central London into a forest garden, teeming with herbs and trees, vines and veggies. Watch the first video in our Curator Collective series to see how Rasheeqa’s patch is helping a community, as well as a garden, to thrive. 

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